Breast cancer

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  • Breast Cancer Article Analysis

    Abstract Breast cancer remains the most common type of cancer diagnosed in women in the United States. It is the second most common cancer death with lung cancer being the first. African American women have a higher incidence of dying from the disease than any other race or ethnical group. For many years, it was thought that this was due to African American women not having access to the same health benefits as those of other races and that it was often found at a more advanced state. Though…

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  • Breast Cancer Case Study

    Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States and in many other nations of the world (R. Siegel, Miller, & Jemal, 2015). It is characterized by uncontrolled cell growth and invasion of tissues in various parts of our body such as lung, breast, and colon. The American Cancer Society estimates diagnosis of 1,685,210 new cancer cases and 595,690 cancer related deaths in the US in 2016 (R. L. Siegel, Miller, & Jemal, 2016). Breast cancer is identified as a diverse disease in…

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  • Cancer Cells And Breast Cancer

    Cancer has existed since the beginning of human existence. The earliest confirmation of cancer was found in the bones of ancient Egyptian mummies around 3000 B.C. At that time, it was not referenced by the name cancer. The first known cases consisted of tumors and ulcers of the breast. Ancestry of the word cancer is credited to the Father of Medicine, Greek physician, Hippocrates. He used the terms carcinos and carcinoma. What is cancer? How does it start? Cancer is the familiar name for more…

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  • Breast Cancer: A Short Story

    constantly taken care of everyone else; however, the table soon turned. The singular moment from my childhood that defines who I am today is when my mother battled breast cancer. One spring afternoon Randie was folding laundry and cleaning the house. As she turned to grab a fallen sock she experienced an excruciating pain in her left breast.…

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  • Causes And Effects Of Breast Cancer

    Has one ever faced a change in their breast, a thick feeling from the surrounding tissues or an unusual change in your nipples such as redness or scaling? Breast Cancer is a common disease that terrifies any man or woman that has been told they have it. “It is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer”(How Many Women...?) There are different symptoms, risk factors, treatments, and test that occur with breast cancer. Revealing the current information on this disease…

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  • Breast Cancer Research Papers

    What is Breast Cancer? A Review of the Literature Breast cancer can affect anyone at any time; both women and men, regardless of the race or nationality. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate against age; it is a frightening and life changing experience. Moreover, it is stressful for the patient, family, as well as the caregivers. Not only are you unique as a person, but so, too, is your particular form of cancer, your treatment options, and your prognosis. (Elk & Morrow) This paper will answer the…

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  • Breast Cancer Definition

    Definition Breast cancer is an uncontrollable production of breast cells (Julian, 2015). The two main types of breast cancer are invasive and non-invasive breast cancer (Julian, 2015). Non-invasive meaning cancerous cells reside in a certain region of the breast, while invasive refers to the potential of cells advancing to other body parts via bloodstream or lymph nodes (Julian, 2015). Patient Centered-Care of Patient with Breast Cancer Description and Background of Topic Breast cancer has…

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  • Cancer Early Detection Awareness And Prevention Of Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is a disease in which certain cells in the breast become abnormal and multiply uncontrollably to form a tumour. Early breast cancer shows no symptoms or any pain, but as the cancer progresses, signs and symptoms can include a lump in or near the breast, also a change in the size, shape or tenderness. An estimated 570,000 people living in the UK today have been diagnosed with breast cancer with over 50,000 are women and around 350 are men each year. Around 12,000 women and 80 men…

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  • Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

    Breast Cancer is the disease cause by an uncontrollable amount of non-normal cells that surrounds tissue or areas of the body that originate in cells in the breast. Above all cancer is a very deadly disease, although some have cures, some don’t. Every single day one hundred and eight american women pass away from breast cancer. Breast cancer has many different cures, can be found many different ways, can be hereditary, and can take your life away. According to the American Cancer Society, One…

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  • Biotechnology And Breast Cancer

    the end results, and it took off into more and more complex ideas and treatments. Cancer is actually just cell growth out of control. The cells cause development of tumors, which then will disrupt normal body functions. Tumors can come in a solid mass of cells such as breast cancer, or a liquid mass consisting of blood cells that have become cancerous such as lymphoma or leukemia. There are many types of cancers in the human life, over 100 recorded in the world. And still to this day no…

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