Breast cancer

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  • The Complications Of Breast Cancer

    and the main reasoning for that would be breast cancer. During the 1970s-1980s breast cancer mortality increased as oppose to the 1990s-2013 when breast cancer mortality decreased by 37 percent due to early detection and mammography screening1. It is advised that women should perform their own exam at home daily, going along the breast extending into the armpits pressing firmly for any lumps or changes in the breast. Often times, at first, breast cancer could be asymptomatic, meaning showing no…

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  • Risk Factors Of Breast Cancer

    Although cancer is often considered to be more of a developed world issue, in fact 57 per cent of all cancers (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) occur in less developed countries and 43 per cent in more developed countries. According to WHO report, breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in females affecting 145 countries, worldwide. The top three cancers contributing 43% of cancer burden include breast, colorectal and lung cancers (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) Globally, breast…

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  • Disadvantages Of Using Mammograms To Diagnose Breast Cancer

    affected by breast cancer is rising in the western world. Breast cancer is caused by the unusual growth and division in cells that can destroy normal tissue in the breast. The cancer cells have the potential to spread throughout the body (“Breast Cancer,” 1999, p.518). Breast cancer is found typically in older women or around the time of menopause but it can also be found in men. Breast cancer is defined by the mammory glands and the growth of malignant cells within these glands. (“Breast…

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  • Types And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

    Breast Cancer Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women. About 2.8 million women that live in United States have a history of breast cancer. The disease can be seen in men, but is more frequently seen in women. To give a better understanding about the cancer, I have decided to talk about the following; the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and awareness of breast cancer. Having a mother who has had breast cancer will double their daughters risk of breast cancer. The first…

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  • Cultural Influence On Breast Cancer

    cultural variation in breast cancer experience between the Western and the Eastern cultures let women respond differently. In the Western countries, there is a high level of breast cancer awareness and uptake preventive and screening measurements lead to…

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  • Examples Of Attention Getter For Breast Cancer Speech

    BREAST CANCER Topic: Breast Cancer Specific Purpose: To advise my audience about breast cancer Central idea: Breast cancer can affect men as well as women, therefore, so everyone can be more informed about the different types of breast cancer, and healthy measure to avoid it. INTRODUCTION Attention Getter: Relevance to audience: Breast cancer will kill over 20,000 women and over 440 men in 2016, that is an estimation of 1 in 7 women and 1 in 1000 men. Credibility material: Preview of speech:…

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  • Hereditary Breast And Ovarian Cancer: A Case Study

    Cancer refers to several diseases that the involve uncontrolled growth of mutated cells in the body. Normally, cells grow and divide based on signals and the body’s needs, and new cells replace old or damaged cells. However, cancer is able to develop when cell signaling is interrupted. The old cells stop dying and instead form new abnormal cells, possibly resulting in a tumor. Cancerous cells are malignant, which means they can invade nearby tissue, and can potentially metastasize and spread to…

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  • Breast Cancer By Sahrah Analysis

    Women perceived breast cancer as a source of suffering and shame for themselves and their loved ones. Having this stigma led all the women in this study to live in silence. Justifications of living hidden were varied from woman to another but the majority decided to hide their disease to protect themselves from pity feelings and negative comments. By becoming less social and limiting their friendship cycle. I didn’t want from my extend family to know, I didn’t want from anybody to feel sorry…

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  • Breast Cancer Detection Lab Report

    BREAST CANCER DETECTION BY T-SHAPED SLOTTED RECTANGULAR MICROSTRIP PATCH ANTENNA Abstract This Paper shows the great achievement in the breast cancer detection by microwave imaging ,in this paper firstly the T-Shaped Slotted RMPA is designed for ISM band Application at 2.45 GHz and resonated at particular frequency by iterations on the simulation software and very low losses is shown on particular exact frequency is 32.2dB ,after that The Breast Phantom model with cancer tissues and RMPA…

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  • The Effects Of Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

    way of early detection of breast cancer is by simply getting a mammogram, which is an x-ray picture of the breast. The recommended age to start getting them once a year is 50, but it is never too early to start. Mammograms have been shown to detect cancer up to two years before the tumor can be felt in the breast (Cancer Care). Other ways to detect breast cancer early on is by receiving clinical breast exams as well as self-breast exams. Women are given a clinical breast exam every time they go…

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