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  • First Crusade Dbq

    The First Crusade The First Crusade marked on of the first times in history that the Christian religion considered violence and war against non-believers to be justified. There were a few reasons behind the pope calling the Crusade, and a lot more which explain why there was so much support for it within the Christian community In addition, the success of the First Crusade can be attributed to a variety of factors, but the religious and political climate at the time within the Muslim world…

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  • Comparing Sir John Suckling And Richard Lovelace's Song To Aramantha

    This assignment will be considering whether the two poets from the restoration period Sir John Suckling and Richard Lovelace’s poetry contribute to the sense of the ‘cavalier’ and looking closely at Corn’s assessments of both poets and their perhaps royalist connection. Looking at whether their work fit into the tradition of sex and seduction within poetry, in particular, focusing on Suckling’s Encouragement to a lover and Lovelace’s Song to Aramantha. Looking at Corn’s comments of the two…

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  • American Gothic Literature

    Isms The world is revolving. It may seem ridiculous to reiterate this rudimentary fact of science, but it is important in noting that, like the earth, all life upon its surface is in a state of perpetual spin, turning from one phase to another. Human beings are carried through evolution through continuous revolutions of heart, mind, and expression as witnessed in the unending attempts to better oneself, or all selves, through political, religious, and artistic mediums. Furthermore, these…

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  • Personal Narrative: Michigan Vs. Ohio State Games

    going to pull off a huge upset. 5 days before that unforgettable Saturday Begley told me and two of my friends he was going to buy us student section tickets and take us to the game. I immediately called bullshit and laughed, it seemed like complete blasphemy because he wanted student section tickets that would cost $125 each and another $100 each to be verified. A $900 event, no high school student can just pull this kind of money out of their ass. That is when Begley pulled off something I…

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  • Discrimination Against Homosexuality Essay

    Marcus Bachmann, a therapist who runs a Christian counseling place, claimed that homosexuality could be cured. Bachmann stated that homosexuality is both a choice and a threat (Goldberg, 2011). A method called the conversion therapy is a way of curing homosexuality. A conversion therapy aimed to re-assign the sexual orientation of its patient. During 1950s and 1960s, a conversion therapy is done by pressuring its patient to masturbate to a picture of those of the opposite sex whilst they will be…

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  • The English Working Class Analysis

    The working class was the majority of the population and unquestioningly underrepresented in the British government during the Hanoverian era and, unfortunately, many eras before and after. Historians and scholars across multiple fields have studied the laws, workforce struggles, and the general social welfare of the lives of the lower class, but the narratives lack the big picture. A case study here may focus on men, another on women, and yet another on the black community, a specific field of…

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  • Christianity And Christianity In Dante Alighieri's The Inferno

    bible, “When Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus was condemned, he was seized with remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders” (Matthew 27.3). This shows that Judas fell into despair and created blasphemy against the Spirit of God that God himself finds unforgivable and shall be punished without mercy at all. On the side head of Satan, Dante found Brutus, the “founder and first consul of the Roman Republic” (Sayre 241) who betrayed Julius Caesar…

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  • Menocchio And The Counter Reformation

    Menocchio is a miller who was born in 1532 and lived in Italy. Menocchio had radical views on religion and was heard speaking against the Catholic Church. He was arrested and was interrogated by Church officials. Unlike most common people during this time Menocchio was creative and self-taught. He could, read write and he had free time on his hand to question religion and the Catholic Church teaching. In Early modern Europe religion was very important to people; the church was the only way…

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  • Annotated Bible Research Paper

    The Gospels of The New Oxford Annotated Bible aim to tell of the life of Jesus Christ. The authors build the narratives around the Father-Son relationship of God and Jesus because of how much of an impact God’s sacrifice has on Jesus’ ministry. “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life” (John 3:16). Throughout the book of John, Jesus repeatedly says that he is the Son of God, the Son of Man, and God. If Jesus…

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  • Indoctrination In World History

    Many different ideas were covered throughout the class of Modern World History this semester. But, imagine living a life completely controlled by the government, where citizens are brainwashed to accept beliefs and ideologies without questioning. From events in WWI to the atrocities in WWII to the brutal Cold War, this class thoroughly went over many important lessons that has happened in our past. However, despite the many topics, the one idea that stood out the most was the method of enforcing…

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