Theme Of Pride In The Hammer Of God

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“I am a man, therefore have all devils in my heart”(Chesterton 14).When Wilfred asks pastor Brown who he is, he responds that he is just a man. Humans commit sinful things not because they are devils, but they are just humans with sinful nature. Sin does not come from an exterior; it is naturally found in our internal soul. Wilfred committed murder not because he became sinful but because his sinful nature came up to the surface due to his extreme pridefulness. “Hammer of God”, by Chesterton uses setting, character development, and symbolism to portray that pride reveals human essence.
Chesterton foreshadows Wilfred's pridefulness and that pride exposes sinfulness of human essence by portraying the contradicting position of the church in the
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The extreme change in the role of Wilfred shows how pridefulness reveals unexposed nature and lets ultimate destruction.
While Chesterton claims that pride can result in a huge crime, he portrays the danger of pridefulness. Symbolism demonstrates how pride enables one to see the position of the people and himself equally which ultimately leads one to complete destruction.Pastor Brown continues his claim on how Wilfred killed his brother:“But he saw all men walking about like insects. He saw one especially strutting just below him, insolent and evident by a bright green hat...a poisonous hat”(Chesterton 13). Chesterton exhibits Wilfred's abnormal viewpoint on others due to his own prideful ego. Wilfred sees his brother as a “poisonous insect with green hat” instead of an actual human being. Also, not only his brother, but he sees all the man as an insect. As he enhances his own position endlessly, his pride lead him to have a dangerous pathological viewpoint on him and others. Also, Father Brown claims additionally, “Then something snapped in your soul. And you let God's thunderbolt fall”(Chesterton 14). Father Brown uses word “let God's thunderbolt fall” to refer Wilfred's murder. He displays an extreme perspective of himself by using God's thunderbolt. Meaning Wilfred thought and act like he was a God. Therefore, he resultingly becomes a murderer because

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