Berman v. Parker

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  • Isaac C. Parker: The Legend Of The Hanging Judge

    when research brought me to Judge Isaac Parker. Remembered today as the “Hanging Judge”, Isaac C. Parker had an impressive thirty-five year career in public service. He became a frontier attorney, later served as a city attorney, state judge, a two year term representative to Congress, and his most notable legacy as a federal district judge in Fort Smith, Arkansas for twenty-one years. Isaac Charles Parker was born October 15, 1838 to Joseph and Jane Parker. He was born and raised near…

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  • Nieman's Clash: Scene Analysis

    In Whiplash, at 1:17:25, Nieman is at a jazz club where his former teacher, Terrence Fletcher is playing. The scene opens with Fletcher playing a beautiful song while Nieman simply watches. However, when the song ends, Fletcher nods and gazes into the crowd, until he spots Nieman which causes him to immediately stop. This cause Nieman to turn around and leave the club when suddenly Fletcher calls out his name. Nieman pauses and then lets out an awkward, “Hey.” A hard transition takes place and…

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  • Eric Cartman Character Analysis

    TV show South Park. Trey Parker is the voice of Eric Cartman. He lives in a fictional town called South Park, Colorado, United States. He lives with his single mother name Liane Cartman, who spoils him and is considered a “crack whore” meaning she has had sexual relations with other men and was a drug addict. He did have a father name Jack Tenorman but he unknowingly killed him to get revenge on a 9th grader name Scott Tenorman in the episode Scott Tenorman Must Die (Parker, Stough, 2001).…

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  • Eva Longoria Speech On Mexican Women

    Many Anglo males married into Mexican families so that they could because the heir to the land (Casas 2007). Women and their families were in favor of this as well because of the social benefits it would bring them. It would bring them protection from other Anglo males and give the children higher status in society. Unlike the colonialization in the United States that discouraged interracial couple the Spanish Colonialization encouraged it (Casas 2007). It encouraged those of darker skin to have…

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  • V For Vendetta Hero Analysis

    While older than The Dark Knight, the movie V for Vendetta takes a step out of stereotypical villain and moves toward the Anti-Hero archetype. Enter a world beset by chaos which was overcome by the restrictive and controlling government installed by a Chancellor Sutler. At start of the movie the…

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  • The Character Of Othello As A Tragic Hero

    As depicted by the countless sold copies of this sort, tragedies appeal to the pathos of human pity. Having been distinguished from their beginning in ancient Greece, when authors such as Sophocles and Homer wrote rhetorics that are still being taught today. In fact, famous, talented Elizabethan playwright, William Shakespeare is best known for his tragedies including the acclaimed Romeo and Juliet. Therefore, it is no surprise that he exquisitely produced the play “Othello”, illustrating the…

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  • V For Vendetta Speech Analysis

    identify that there is a problem. Government have been a very delicate system people of generations have dealt with. It seems like in history it has always been the government that start the wars, or at least it comes back to the government. In V for Vendetta, V who is the main character of this film, hi-jacks a television station that has an emergency channel and gives his revolutionary speech. Within this speech he gives some reasons on why his government may be corrupted. He helps the people…

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  • Summary Of Waiting For The Barbarians

    Waiting for the Barbarians follows the Magistrate of a colonial town and the events that occur around him when people hear that the barbarians are about to attack. The protagonist is the Magistrate and the antagonist is Colonel Joll. The colonial town is referred to as the Empire. Outside its borders reside the barbarians or nomads. Soldiers in town take them hostage, cruelly torture them for information and murder them for no reason. They do not even see them as humans. When rumor spreads that…

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  • Martin Luther's Argument Analysis

    In this, Luther is committing to the laity the reformation required by God by neglecting the pope and clergy. He then mentions that they should take advantage of Charles V being king of Germany. Luther says this because Charles V is young and inexperienced, and not only that, but also Charles V won the kingship because he had the most money. He then explains that the first thing they must do is to ponder the matter with great diligence, while at the same time not trusting in their…

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  • Examples Of Deception In Macbeth

    Deception Can Ruin You (An Analysis on Macbeth) “Actions speak louder than words and in the tragedy Macbeth, the actions of the central characters are screaming” (Drake). “Macbeth” is a tragic play produced by the well-known playwright William Shakespeare. This play began to spark multiple controversies over Shakespeare’s work. In 1606, this play was officially showed, and Shakespeare made some brave decisions regarding the scenes involved in the play. Although this is a well-known play, only…

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