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  • Louis Armstrong's Contribution To The Jazz Career

    Do you know what Scat is or how to scat sing? Just look up Louis Armstrong, he created this masterpiece. Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901, he was born in the birthplace of jazz--New Orleans, Louisiana. He was in foster care throughout his teenage years. His father abandoned the family right after Louis was born, and his mother resulted to prostitution, so he was often left with his maternal grandmother. He began working in fifth grade where he developed a interest in music, this interest lead him to his jazz career. Louis Armstrong contributed a great deal to jazz, but just a few are his popular rhythm which created swing, Scat Singing, and also he made the role of a soloist more important than it was ever before. In the beginning of his teenage years he was on the street corners playing a toy horn. He was working and was trying to earn money for his family. Although miracles can happen anytime any where. Louis's miracle was being taken under the wing of Peter Davis who taught him music ("About"). Louis Armstrong was a great musician. He played in marching bands in his teens and was skillful enough to replace the musician in the Kid Ory band Oliver. His ensemble leads, his second cornet lines and his cornet duets with Oliver made him popular. By 1929 He was a famous musician. Louis Armstrong not only ensured the survival of jazz, but made it into a fine art ("Armstrong"). After his popularity expanded in the 1920's he was claimed one of the most sought-after…

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  • Art Tatum's Accomplishments

    There has never been anyone like Art Tatum, who is one of the greatest jazz musicians in history. Tatum was born on October 13, 1909, in Toledo, Ohio, and he was the child of amateur musicians. His father was a mechanic, and his mother was a housemaid who worked in white homes. Although he was not born into a wealthy family, his unique talents helped propel him into the spotlight. If anything, Tatum proved that it was not impossible to become a world-class extraordinaire despite growing up with…

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  • Louis Armstrong Contribution

    It is amazing to think about when Louis Armstrong was born. Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901 in New Orleans,Loiusiana in a section so poor that it was nicknamed the Battlefield. Louis Armstrong had a difficult childhood, his father was a factory worker and abandoned the family soon after Louis’s birth, his ,other often turned to prostitution, She left him with his grandmother.Amrstrong was obligated to leave school in the fifth grade to begin working. Contributions: So after all after…

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  • Child Labor History

    them to be more convenient, cheaper, and less likely to strike. Therefore inciting the era of child labor in the United States. A man by the name of Lewis W. Hine began taking photographs of children in the workforce as a tool for social reform. Hine, along with his camera, saved children all throughout America by enabling the public to see the immorality of child labor. Hine’s photographs were, therefore, essential in the changing of child labor…

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  • Lewis W Hine Child Labor

    the United States. A man by the name of Lewis W. Hine began taking photographs of children in the workforce as a tool for social reform. Hine, along with his camera, saved children all throughout America by enabling the public to see the immorality of child labor. Hine’s photographs were, therefore, essential in changing child labor laws in the United States (Michael Herring).…

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  • How Photography Changed America

    The Museum of Modern Art was offered his pictures and did not accept them, but the George Eastman House did. The Library of Congress holds over 5,000 Hine photographs, including examples of his child labor and Red Cross photographs, his work portraits, and his WPA and TVA images. Other large institutional collections include nearly ten thousand of Hine's photographs and negatives held at the George Eastman House and almost five thousand NCLC photographs at the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery of…

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  • Summary: The Negative Effects Of Industrialization

    start to understand that a mother has to work before the sun rises pending till night in order to help provide for her family. Sadly, inhumane work hours were not only restricted to adults, but also adolescents. Furthermore, In reference to the Report of Parliamentary Committee on the Bill to Regulate the Labour of Children in Mills and Factories (1832), Elizabeth Bentley testified that her labour hours at the factory were (…from 5 in the morning till 9 at night…) (Document 7). Again, we…

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  • Supreme Court Political Analysis

    ability to overcome the hardships of poverty shows that the poor should bear responsibility for their own situation. A justice with firsthand experience with corporations or the military or government bodies (to choose just a few examples) may have a deeper understanding of both their strengths and their weaknesses. In the end, it seems difficult to support the conclusion that a justice’s politics are the sole (or even the primary) influence on his or her decisions. There are simply too many…

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  • Marbury V. Madison Case Analysis

    sweeping decisions. It shattered precedent by setting a standard for what constitutes a “political question”, an issue that is non justiciable, which meant the courts are the improper place to answer the question. At first glance, I rejected Baker v Carr because I believed that the question of apportionment was a purely political question. However, after looking into the case, I now believe that Baker v Carr is well decided, as I support the numerous outcomes and effects of the case. However, I…

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  • Richard Nixon's War On Drugs In High School

    ensure the success of these children and show that it is feasible to implement. The War On Drugs continues to have a devasted effects on inner-city youths in America. The War On Drugs in America was used to criminalize black people so that their voice did not mean anything to America. Nixon set this plan in motion 45 years ago, and the effects are still being felt to this day. Many children have suffered drastically because of the War On Drugs …

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