Human blood group systems

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  • Ralph Voosen Trial

    Murder of Ralph Voosen On March 2nd at 1a.m., Officer J. Beach found a dead body lying on the ground. That person was identified as Ralph Voosen. He had a gunshot wound in his head and was surrounded by blood all over the floor. The time of death was estimated between 11p.m. and midnight on March 1. There was a note found in Mr. Voosen’s right pants pocket that read, “Meet me in your classroom at 11p.m. tonight. We need to talk.” I suspect that Brian Craig killed Mr. Voosen. I completed a blood analysis, DNA, handwriting, and footprint test to get to this conclusion. The first test was blood analysis. My results showed that the blood type found at the scene of the crime was A positive. The test also proved that Ralph Voosen and Brian…

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  • ABO Blood Grouping System Essay

    It categorises a person’s blood type according to the antigens found on the surfaces of their red blood cells. This blood grouping system was discovered in 1901 by Austrian scientist Karl Landsteiner (Durand & Willis, 2010) and is a system of classification that still exists today. The ABO blood grouping system is controlled by the ABO gene, which is found on chromosome 9 and has three alleles A, B and O (Farhud & Yeganeh, 2013). Further research undertaken in 1940 by Landsteiner and Alexander…

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  • ABO Blood Group Essay

    Prior to WWII many anthropologists maintained that race was a biological phenomenon best ascertained through the use of anthropometric measurements. After the war, however, a growing number of anthropologists along with geneticists and serologists began to rethink the race concept and its attendant methodologies. Prompted by political and social events as well as empirical shifts brought on by the modern synthesis, these scientists sought more "objective" and "scientifically valid" methods for…

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  • Transferase Enzyme Infection

    individuals have relatively fewer Type I, Type III and Type IV carrier chains than Type A1 individuals. The difference in carbohydrate sequence is thought to explain why a small percentage of A2 and A2B individuals produce anti-A1 antibody, which can cause discrepancies in determining their blood type.…

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  • Ado Rh Blood Typing Experiment

    this ABO-Rh Blood Typing Experiment is to identify the individual blood types and observe the reactions between antigens and antibodies. Blood is typed by the presence or absence of a specific antigen/s in the plasma membrane of a red blood cell. Depending upon the antigen/antibody reaction, we will be able to identify the unknown blood types in each of the samples. Blood typing is extremely significant in the world we live in today. If you ever intend on donating blood or, in an extreme…

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  • Anti-Serum Lab Essay

    Introduction: In this lab, we took a blood sample of Mr. Green’s blood to figure out his blood type and to see how the blood sample reacts to Anti-A serum, Anti-B serum, and Anti-Rh serum. Anti-Serum is a blood serum that contains antibodies that are against a specific antigen, it is used to protect or treat a specific disease. This lab is also important because it shows the importance of knowing the blood type of a person so that the person will not receive the wrong type of blood. Blood type O…

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  • Diabetes Insipidus: A Case Study

    Describe which blood types he can receive safely and why these are compatible with his Type B Blood types are distinguished by the presence or absence of antigens (A and B) on the surface of the red blood cells. This patient has Type B blood meaning that there is only a B antigen on his red blood cells. The compatible blood types are Type B since it matches the patient’s blood type and Type O negative, which is considered universal. Type O negative blood does not contain antigen A or B,…

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  • Blood Type Lab Report

    In humans, a single gene in the body determines blood type, whether it be A, B, AB, or O. This gene determines what type of antigen protein (if there is any in the first place) is attached to a red blood cell’s membrane. The gene is designated as I, and it has three common alleles, which include IA, IB, and i. Different combinations of these three alleles produce four different phenotypes, more commonly referred to as Blood Type A (homozygous IAIA or heterozygous IAi), Blood Type B (homozygous…

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  • Explain The Three Phases Of Blood Clotting Process

    the donation of a pint of blood and why? As reticulocytes (immature red blood cells having no nucleus, but containing a granular/reticulated look) increases additional numbers of immature red blood cells gather into the blood stream compensating for the decrease in the volume of blood. Reticulocyte is made up of eighty percent of a normal red blood cell’s hemoglobin and typically is expected to become a fully mature red blood cell within 24 hours (CNX, 2016). Describe the three phases of the…

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  • Fedex Swot Analysis Paper

    ESRI technology is Geographical Mapping System that uses real-time Technologies. For example if a product is that is shipping is time critical, or Government sensitive material the ESRI system keeps FedEx up to date on where the driver is. The driver also has a monitor that shows where is next destination is, how long it will take for him to get there, and approximate time of arrival. If a driver is hijacked and the truck was taken of course FedEx control would be able to see this and notify…

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