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  • The Intelligent Investor

    show” (Lofton 75). Before the Internet, Buffett had needed to go to the Security and Exchange Commission to see company filings. He would also need to take notes by hand and would visit companies, such as GEICO, which is now owned completely by Berkshire Hathaway, and ask about “the company’s financials and prospects” (Lofton 77). His days and nights are normally spent reading annual reports, business magazines and books, and Lofton compares him to a sponge by “soaking up as much information…

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  • Makesh Ambani Research Paper

    Mukesh Ambani is famous for being the wealthiest man in India with a networth of $23.6 billion. Ambani made his money by becoming the largest shareholder and the head chairman of Reliance Industries, the second largest company in India, after his father created it. THESIS NEEDED There are many people in Mukesh’s life that have influenced him in many ways, whether they are for good or for bad. One of the greatest influential people to Mukesh Ambani is his brother Anil. After the death of…

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  • The Importance Of Life In The Event Business

    landed him in the ranks of the world’s wealthiest people, with a net worth of $72.3 billion as of this writing. As the most successful investor of the 20th century, Buffett has done more than a few things right. A single share of his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, has currently returned an astounding 2,850,000 percent since Buffett began buying up shares in the 1980s. In 2012 a charity auction to spend a few hours at lunch with Buffett with no questions off the table netted a record $3.5…

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  • King Mansa Mali: The Golden Age Of The Mali Empire

    King Mansa Musa was known for being the richest man in history. He took the throne from 1312 to 1337 and was the son of Sundiata. The 25 year reign was known as the “golden age of the Mali Empire. The empire stretched nearly 2,000 miles all way up to Lake Chad (Mohamed Bearrach, Meet Mansa Musa). The Empire was also known as the Mandingo. The kingdom had a large amount of gold from Bumbuk and Bure, salt mines of Taghaza and ivory. Mansa Musa achieved many goals such as expanding the trade routes…

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  • Kronos Achievements

    Kronos was a man of wealth, pride and power. He owned hundreds of firms and industries in the 20th century and was respected by his peers and many people around the world. His family? They were a dignified, wealthy and noble family. They were known to be the most influential family around and have been the most influential for thousands of years. Kronos of course, was expected to be nothing less than the person he is now. Kronos knew this, very well in fact. However, he was never quite pleased…

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  • Personal Narrative: We Are What We Believe

    We Are What We Believe The definition of a hero is one who is admired or idealized for courage, outgoing achievements, or noble qualities. Everyone is their own hero. However, we all have a specific person that we look up to. I admire my boyfriend, Christoffer, as he inspires me to keep moving forward. I look up to him is because he 's smart, strong, and exceedingly determined. Knowledge is the best thing that one could be blessed with. The opportunity to go further starts getting harder as…

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  • Carlos Slim Case Study

    1. Carlos Slim Helú was born 28, January 1940 and he is a Mexican business magnate, philanthropist and investor. From 2010 - 2013, Carlos Slim was graded as the richest person in the world. The position was taken back by the Bill Gates in the year 2014 before Carlos Slim reclaimed the position again in 15, July 2014. Recognized as the Warren Buffett of Mexico, Carlos Slim has wide holdings in a significant number of the Mexican companies through his SA de CV, Grupo Carso, conglomerate, have…

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  • Warren Buffett's Entrepreneurial Legend

    Entrepreneurial Legend - Warren Buffett For my famous economic entrepreneurial legend I have chosen Warren Buffett. He is agruably one of the richest men in the world with a net worth of over 70 billion. Coincidentally, Warren Buffet earned his MS in economics in 1951. As CEO of Birkshire Hathaway his company’s Class A stock lists for around 213,000 per share. Birkshire Hathaway’s company performace regularly outperforms the class of Index 500 stocks. Buffett has taken on considerable investment…

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  • Michael Jackson Estate Essay

    Michael Jackson is one of the most famous musical artists in history. His net worth stands at $600 million today. However, at the time of his death in 2009, his estate’s net worth was roughly equal to its debts. It stood at $500 million, according to According to a celebrity news website known as TMZ, Michael Jackson’s estate has come back from the brink of bankruptcy, earning almost $2 billion since 2009 when he met his untimely death. According to TMZ, if all the expenses…

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  • College Admissions Essay: My Return To Berkshire Community College

    I am facing a job with little to no advancement and my wages are not the best. I decided to return to Berkshire Community College due to many things. It is close to home and inexpensive compared to most other schools. I also enjoy the fact of having a flexible schedule where they offer evening, weekend, and online classes. I am currently in my first semester…

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