Benefits of Stem Cells Essay

  • The Benefits Of Stem Cells

    lot to gain through furthering stem cell research, but medical breakthroughs should be fundamentally about saving, not destroying, human life. Therefore, I support stem cell research that does not destroy the embryo” (Michael Steele). Stem cells are very beneficial for many reasons and can be used for transplants and testing new medications to help cure diseases and cancer. The negative aspect of stem cells is that embryos can be killed for further research. The research in stem cells still needs to be greatly improved, but as of now stem cells success rate is at a percentage of seventy to ninety percent in the U.S. Over a twelve-year period, there has been an approximate of 38,000 transplant patients. Stem cells are unlike…

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  • Stem Cell Research: The Benefits Of Embryonic Stem Cells

    For example, “scientists have succeeded in providing a few disease-specific stem cell lines using unwanted fertility clinic embryos that tested positive for serious genetic diseases, such as cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy” (Hyun). By conducting research on embryos, which are already proven to have severe, chronic, fatal illnesses, it eases some of the public’s concern for harming what they believe to be an innocent, delicate life. Conducting this research is beneficial in…

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  • The Benefits Of Embryonic Stem Cells

    Stem cells are defined as undifferentiated cells of humans that have the potential to develop into different cell types. During division, each stem cell can either remain the same or differentiate into another type of cell with a specialized function. There are two different types of stem cells - adult and embryonic. The difference between these two stem cells is derived from its capability to differentiate into different cell types. Adult stem cells are limited in what type of cells they can…

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  • Medical Benefits Of Stem Cells

    The biggest job of Scientists that study procedures in medical fields and stem cells has always been to find cure for the incurable and to prolong the lives that would be cut short because of these diseases. There have been many different experiments that scientists have performed that seem promising but ended up failing in some way, but right now in this century the biggest medical advancement opportunity is in stem cells. With the help of all the scientists studying stem cells, Embryonic Stem…

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  • Benefits Of Stem Cell Research

    the controversy surrounding stem cell research, the many benefits of stem cell research in the scientific and medical environments outweigh the negatives. Because of this, stem cell research is critical to the continued growth of science and medicine. Therefore, there should be increased funding for stem cell research and less restrictions in order for stem cells to reach their full potential. Stem cells offer people hope by promising to extend the number of patients who could benefit from…

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  • Stem Cell Research Benefits

    lightly. Stem cell research is beneficial because it helps to further the research towards the cure of diabetes, cancer, other various diseases and illnesses, and the advancement in the growth of such stem cells also helps further the research in organ growth. However, some ways the scientists conduct and carry out stem cell research is neither morally correct nor practical. Stem cell research helps further the advancement in the curing of diseases such as diabetes…

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  • Stem Cell Benefits Essay

    The Benefits of Stem Cell “22 people die every because they cannot receive a donated organ. That is about 10,000 deceased people every year” (“Why Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation?”). Patient live in fear that one day their donated organ would reject and they can optimally lose their life when they have waited so long. A new type of medicine has emerged that allows for new possibilities for patient waiting for a lifesaving organ or for those in fear of rejection. Stem cell is the future of…

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  • The Benefits Of Adult Stem Cells

    adult stem cells can be mass produced in the lab both organically and synthetically. When found in bone marrow, adult stem cells are known to have slight regenerative properties (Kahn). As more and more of the stem cells are created, the number of trials that can occur multiply exponentially. The regenerative properties are isolated and enhanced to grow more of the specific kind of cell (Kahn). With the help of specialized cell growth, mass amounts of organ tissue and other treatments can be…

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  • The Benefits Of Stem Cell Research

    Over the past years the funding for stem cell research has been dismal. This new field of medicine can save life and can even be the cure to cancer that we all have been looking for. This relatively new field in science has been limited due to the fact that former President George Bush eliminated most funds for this field. He ordered that only select lines of these stem cells be used, however scientists inquired that these lines of stem cells were old making them unfitting for advancement. This…

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  • The Benefits Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

    heal the human body often leads to controversy over the moral and ethical dilemmas that present themselves. The controversy over embryonic stem cell research has let to arguments over the funding of such research. Opponents to the research claim embryos are human lives and harvesting stem cells from them destroys the embryo thus kills a human life (SAUNDERS). Proponents argue the tremendous advantages to human health using embryonic stem cells that cannot be realized elsewhere (HUTTO). Stem…

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