Structural Elements in The Bluest Eye Essay

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    “The Bluest Eye” was, and continues to be, a revolutionary book in my life for three main reasons. First the novel's importance in my education, second its importance in my view of the past, and third its impact on my personal life. “The Bluest Eye” has been instrumental in my education in literature not only because of Morrison's technical expertise as an author but also as an artist. From a purely analytical perspective Morrison's works are masterful, her ability to go into vast amounts of detail about the characters without ever seeming sidetracked is not something many authors can pull off. The best example I can provide for this particular skill is in her portrayal of Cholly. When Morrison diverges from her portrayal of Pecola’s life to tell Cholly’s story it immediately becomes clear exactly how import Cholly's background is to the life of Pecola many years later. Not once does his backstory seem irrelevant to the current going-ons of the story and each new piece of information throws everything previously read into a whole new light. Morrisions Artistic skills are just as profound as her technical. The novel is introduced with a passage from a book used to teach very young children how to read. Morrison takes this common element in many people's childhood and in a Warhol-esque move, repeats and distorts it by removing punctuations and spaces. By doing this morrison is telling us that this novel will be an examination of our underlying assumptions about what we…

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