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  • Why Is Ambition Important In Life

    Ambition Produces Negative Outcomes Ambition is the desire and determination to achieve success. Many people strive to achieve their goals to put forth the best of their ability.In schools they have students make goals and encourage them to fulfill them. Although society presents ambition as a positive trait, the negative impact it has on people is not fully recognized . The desire to achieve your goals can be stressful with not only to have to please yourself but others too. Having…

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  • Analysis Of N. O By BTS: No Offense To Education

    “N.O” by BTS –– No Offense to Education What’s your goal in life? Happiness? Success? Love? Whatever it may be, there’s no rea-son as to why you can’t achieve it––that’s what BTS is trying to tell us in their song “N.O.” Of-fering a futuristic view that is an astute commentary on South Korea’s restrictive culture, particu-larly among young people, “N.O” shouts power and invulnerability––telling adolescents to not tolerate monotonous goals set by adults and to find their own happiness before…

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  • The Importance Of Religious Differences

    Perhaps like no time in history before, religious differences are having a major impact on a global scale. From differing beliefs on marriage and abortion, to intolerance of different faiths, religion is a major cause of suffering and strife in our world. However, this need not be the case. Throughout history, there have been numerous societies where a variety of religions have existed side-by-side in mutual respect and toleration. Parthian, Roman, Greek, and Muslim empires all tolerated and…

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  • Beta Vulgaris Experiment

    Research question: Does the temperature of a surrounding water solution influence the rate of diffusion of the red pigment betalain in Beta Vulgaris (Beetroot) measured using a colorimeter over a certain period? Hypothesis: A higher temperature of the surrounding water solution will cause the rate of diffusion of the red pigment in betalain in Beetroot to be faster. The reason for this hypothesis is because when in a higher temperature, betalain molecules will gain more kinetic energy and…

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  • Conspiracy Theory

    A belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event is known as a conspiracy theory. (Oxford Dictionary) In other words, conspiracy theories try to deny facts that many believe are the truth. To understand more about conspiracy theories, it is necessary to get familiar with five of the most widely believed conspiracy theories, which include the Iraq War conspiracy, the Princess Diana conspiracy, the 9/11 conspiracy, the Pearl Harbor conspiracy, and…

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  • I Liked My Life By Abby Fabiaschi: An Analysis

    “Trump: We cannot aid Puerto Rico 'forever'.” CNN, Cable News Network, 12 Oct. 2017, “'Drug dealers, criminals, rapists': What Trump thinks of Mexicans.” BBC News, BBC, Galán-García, María. "The 2016 Republican Primary Campaign on Twitter: Issues and Ideological Positioning for the Profiles of Ben Carson…

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  • Bundy's Argument Against The Death Penalty

    state’s legislation concerning the death penalty, it was able to be reinstated. In 2001, Georgia abandoned the use of the electric chair. According to BBC News, the state court ruled “that death by electrocution ‘inflicts purposeless physical violence and needless mutilation that makes no measurable contribution to accepted goals of punishment’” (BBC). Simply stated, this ruling decided that the electric chair violated the constitution’s eighth amendment. This led to the installation of lethal…

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  • David Aaronovitch Voodoo Histories Analysis

    He uses this excellently at the beginning of this section to highlight the absurdity of many conspiracies. To this point he says, “In what sense were or are Connecticut professionals, West Country hippies, Liberal Democratic MPs,...BBC TV drama producers, Senator Joe McCarthy,...and Alfred Rosenberg disenfranchised?” This question makes the reader inquire to the true nature of why conspiracies are made and believed. It implants the idea that many if not all conspiracies are total…

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  • Mongol Culture

    theft was ten blows of a rod for each stolen item (Document 9). Additionally, the kidnapping of wives and selling of women, due to Genghis Khan’s own experiences, was outlawed, a revolutionary step towards the advancement of Mongol women (Document 9, BBC Documentary). Mongol rules were not only enforced through law. Hospitality was a crucial aspect of Mongol life, to the extent in which all Mongols followed a rigid code of conduct. This code, essentially, enforced that all guests be treated…

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  • An Essay On I Am Malala Yousafzai

    The quality of being altruistic and willing to sacrifice something for the wellbeing of your loved ones is a crucial characteristic to possess. However, only certain human beings are fortunate enough to acquire this characteristic and many of those human beings are displayed in the memoir I Am Malala. By sacrificing the safety and security of herself and her family, Malala Yousafzai educates the first world of the dangers of her world, highlighting the importance of educational freedom for all.…

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