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  • Buddhism Vs Judaism

    Judaism is a western belief system that gives a better guide to living one’s life in comparison to Buddhism, and eastern belief system. Judaism is a religion whose founders are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the Twelve Children of Israel. Siddhartha, the first buddha, is the founder of Buddhism. These two belief systems are very similar but also different in many ways. Buddhism's rules and beliefs focus more on escaping suffering, rather than guiding one's life, but Judaism is a religion that is…

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  • Solubility Of L-Nna Case Study

    Parenteral formulation of an anticancer drug candidate – Tackling poor solubility 1 Introduction Cancer is the number one cause of death in Singapore , and has been on an increasing trend over the years . Hence, the search for anti-cancer drugs and better treatment regimens are widely studied but there are many challenges. One potential cancer treatment strategy is to induce apoptosis in cancer tissues by the modulation of nitric oxide production . Nitric oxide is a reactive, gaseous molecule…

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  • Conflicts In Tuyen's What We All Long For

    but it failed to paralyse her, knowing that such a tragedy occurred to her family, she continues to be a robust aspiring artist that chooses to stay out of the topic of Quy. When her elder brother, Binh, had mentioned to her that he was going to Bangkok, Tuyen told him to stay out of things and help their parents forget instead of reminding them of the loss. “Stay out of things. Why don’t you let them forget instead of encouraging them, eh?” (Page 13.) Binh seems more affected by the loss than…

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  • Raeburn And Rootman's Definition Of Health

    Currently, the most accepted definition of health was by Raeburn and Rootman, who stated at the 2007 Bangkok Charter that health is the process of facilitating one to increase control over their health and its determinants and thereby improve their health (Manafo, 2016). This definition takes into account that health is a resource which is used to achieve…

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  • Financial Analysis Of Thailand's Financial System And Stability

    Introduction Banks are just like a business; they are there to make money. Considering the majority of countries have their own form of currency, banks stand to earn a large return based on the transaction they perform for each of their customers. Each country around the globe can have an effect on the other financial institutions. The United States (US) recession in 2008 was felt in every part of the world, while the American people limited their spending the amount of imports and exports…

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  • Economic Impacts Of Tourism In Thailand

    the tigers claws and teeth, even the tendons in their wrists are clipped so they can’t swat or run with a lot of speed to ensure that tourists are not harmed when visiting. On a visit to Thailand 3 years ago, the Golden Temple which is located in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, I discovered that donations and government money are set aside to reestablish some buildings, which would otherwise be neglected. Government should pay attention to Thailand’s protection and control in order to preserve the…

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  • Wedding Tourism Case Study

    Additionally, most of the firms in India are now targeting the middle class populations as their main market segment since they tend to have high purchasing power. Moreover, the increasing purchasing power of the Indian middle class along with their willingness to spend on travelling has attracted various countries towards Indian tourists. One of the reasons why various countries are targeting the Indian travelers is mainly because there are big spenders. However, Indian people not only spend a…

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  • Online Social Media Analysis

    “Nobody counts the number of advertisements you run, they just remember the impression you make”. The quote from Bill Bernbach, an American advertising creative director points out that marketers are facing difficult situations to impressively market their products and services. The advent Internet is, however, approachable to a number of individuals in social norms. Previously, it was a rare occurrence to access Internet connection, but now, it has become a common place for almost everyone to…

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  • Importance Of Hotel Food And Service Operations

    Therefore, lounge provides them a place not only for waiting and relaxing before and after the meetings but also gives them a suitable environment for having a meeting in the lounge. Moreover, family is another main customer because they can meet and have some small portion foods and drinks right after they check-in into a hotel. Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s Lounge (SF) is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which mean they are operating every day. Thus, they can satisfy customers’ needs and…

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  • Uppsala Betray The Two Billion: An Analysis

    Uppsala acknowledged secular world as locus and context of mission, “to a humanity that cries passionately and articulately for a fully human life.” This shift of focus from individual conversion towards world foreshadowed the crisis in mission as found in Donald McGavran’s question “Will Uppsala Betray the Two Billion?” According to McGavran the document “Renewal in Mission” did not give an authentic proposal for personal proclamation of the gospel, necessity of faith, the unevangelized…

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