P & O Insurance Case Study

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Pacific & Orient started as a private limited company establish in 1994. Pacific & Orient Insurance or known as P&O Insurance is the main subsidiaries of P&O Berhad. P&O Insurance is one of the largest Malaysian general insurers, and listed on the Main Board of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in 1995.
Since then, Pacific & Orient Berhad has diversified in business interests to include financial services and information technology services. These businesses have a common pool of human and information resources which the Group can capitalize on in its search for new business and investment opportunities

Board of Director
CHAN HUA ENG Non-Executive Chairman
CHAN THYE SENG Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
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This is one of the secrets to their organization's success in this highly competitive insurance field.
POGT also provide numerous services for their customers such as installing CCTV cameras, configuring servers, computer peripheral troubleshooting, managing networks, workflow systems and many more that will be explain later in this report.

Starting position of Pacific & Orient Global Technologies Sdn Bhd
P&O Global Technologies can trace its first steps to the early 1980s. This is the year where the computerization created an urgent demand for cost-effective software packages within the insurance industry. From a customer base of mainly insurance companies, POGT Company has since then expanded its services to banks, finance companies, trading companies, legal firms, and other corporate clients.

Tactical moves.
POGT has a several tactical moves in order to always be there for their customers and increase their
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The company build a strong relationship with world-renowned companies in order to offer total and integrated solutions that are second to none. Working with the best in the industry also ensures smooth implementation, guaranteed compatibility and minimal coordination.
Given the important of changes in IT recently, P&O Global Technologies invests heavily in Research & Development (R&D). This is shown as the POGT company efforts in order to deliver a steady stream of highest level of software and services. Dedicated and experienced R&D team of POGT would likely to continuously explore new technology tools in order to enhance existing systems, as well as to develop new ones.
Closing ranks
P&O Global Technologies is a multinational team of dedicated IT professionals, whose shared goal is to achieve a service excellence.
The team has a sequence of successes. They do developed, installed and implemented numerous applications that connect users anywhere and anytime at many locations. These are the examples of the tangible testimonies of their high standards and innovative outlook.
Equipped with experience acquired in the past, supported by knowledge and skills for the future, the Pacific & Orient Global Technologies Sdn Bhd team is well-equipped to take on any challenge to make the move is now near to their

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