Dawn Case Study

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Dawn is one of the numerous products of Procter and Gamble. In 1967 P&G started to work on the product known as project H-7, and that was a project that should eventually be “Dawn”. The main point of scientists who was working on the project was to create a hand dishwashing product with powerful grease handling abilities, and, also, soft and mild to skin. In 1972 Salt Lake City and Atlanta became the first cities in the United States to test Dawn; later in 1988 Dawn became number one selling dishwashing liquid in the United States (Dawn Newsroom-Timeline).
Since its widespread creation in 1973, Dawn dishwashing liquid has been known for excellent grease-fighting power. Its unique formula persuaded many scientists that it’s a great way to
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The company successfully recognized the needs and wants of the target market and the customers of today. Many consumers are looking for liquid dishwashing that both clean up the grease and do not hurt their hand. To fulfill customers’ need the company utilizes the expertise of near 8,000 employees in R&D to bring world-class innovation to the consumers (P&G). The company conducted thousands of research studies each year to stay ahead of what consumers need today and want tomorrow. The consequence of these vast researches is a right product for today’s customers. The company uses catchy tagline for introducing Dawn, for instance, “Dawn everyday”, “Dawn helps save wildlife “and “clean more greasy dishes for less” (P&G). The product does not have specific differentiation in features from other competitors, such as Up&Up; to be honest a careless customer may confused these two if they be placed near one another. Dawn is distributed in different categories, such as Dawn Ultra, Dawn platinum, Dawn Escapes, Dawn hand Renewal, Dawn Anti-Bacterial, Dawn pure essentials with different scents, while its competitor does not have such a vast variety …show more content…
Since Dawn target market is middle class family, the price should be assigned to meet the expectance of the consumers. That is following a strategy to assign a low price as much as possible to get the maximum benefit. P&G strategy for pricing is to change price terms or conditions for particular products (Maulana). In some cases, the company reduces the price to maximize sales. Also, P&G utilizes discount policy for Dawn; it offers quantity discount to encourage large purchase. For instance “buy one, get second for 10 cents lower”. Despite vast research and development around Dawn dishwashing liquid, the company set lower prices for the new products to prevent entering the competitors in the

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