Why Community Service Groups Are Important Essay

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Imagine yourself in a dark alleyway, alone, cold, sick, and hungry. You have no money, no home, no food, and you have been in the same clothes for months. You are on the brink of death, however, a group of people see you and immediately take you to the hospital and then take you into a care center. What if these kind of people did not exist? Fortunately, though not many, they do which makes them an important group. The value of charity and community service groups is altruism because they save lives, are passionate about their cause, and are benevolent. Firstly, the needy receives a second chance at living which is why charity and community service groups save lives. The United Nation Children's Foundation (UNICEF) informs that their “Tap …show more content…
After a few drop offs we finally reached mine; we entered and were greeted by many people. We entered the play room and seeing all the children, playing with them, and seeing all the smiles on their faces was incredible and life changing. Being able to donate to my charity was a fulfilling experience; the fact that I can do good to others is life changing. I've learned through this experience that we are always asking for things, but there are many others who need items, knowing that was able to give necessities to the needy let me know I was doing a good deed. Stated by the “Hope To Haiti” foundation, they reacted to the earthquake of 2010 which destroyed around 500,000 homes, in which they have rebuilt: 210 homes, 5 community centers, provided clean water, and livestock; they came to help when most government workers died and there was nobody to help. (Hope 1) the fact that the H2H foundation came to help when the country was in crisis shows that they intend to do good for the community. It is not a small task to rebuild a country, but to build multiple buildings as well as providing vital resources is a great deal of help. Something as small as donating, or as big as aiding to rebuild a country, those are all acts of

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