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  • Kahneman Thinking Fast And Slow Analysis

    I plan to write my essay on Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow, which examines how the brain’s meager grasp of statistics can lead to poor choices. Kahneman essentially separates the brain into two parts: System 1, which makes quick, intuitive assessments based on associative memories, and System 2, which deals with more involved decisions. The inherent laziness of System 2, a function of its limited resources, leads the brain to make often-inaccurate judgements – especially in the realms of…

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  • Cost Of College Essay

    college students continue through the system, the cost of college keeps increasing and more and more students find themselves in debt once they are finally through college. Of course there the options of financial aid, loans, and scholarships to balance out the cost of college for the students attending, but sometimes the money from these options isn’t quite enough or students find it difficult to attain such assistance in paying for college. When I attend college, I am mostly worried about not…

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  • Healthcare Reimbursement In Healthcare

    healthcare is forever evolving. With the concept of evolution one particular area that plays a major role in how healthcare system evolves is revenue and the other is how the healthcare facilities get payment for the services provided. When exploring healthcare services reimbursement there are checks and balances that must take place. The healthcare provider orders services such as radiology and laboratory services just to name a few of the services that can be provided to a patient. Next the…

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  • Importance Of Credit In Living Essay

    Apart from making credit card and loan payments on-time, students should also pay more than the minimum monthly payment, avoid overdrafts, and stick to a monthly budget. Keeping a good credit consist of keeping a proper balance between what you earn and what you spend. Budgeting your expenses is a great way of prioritizing spending and management of your money. Planning and monitoring…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As An Office Assistant

    include processing payments from different departments in order for the facility to check and balance. I check to make sure that each department proves out and everything balances out and then the accounting office checks to make sure that I proved out and that there are no errors. Of course sometimes errors can not be avoided, for examples when we went live with a new system. It took us a while to adjust as well…

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  • Medicare Reimbursement Analysis

    to qualify to report your data under an Advanced APM. If you do, you’re exempt from submitting MIPS data, you avoid any future reduction in your Medicare reimbursements, and you’ll receive a guaranteed lump sum payment each year that equals 5% of your last year’s fee-for-service payments. Here’s the catch, there aren’t very many Advanced APMs. That’s the reason the majority of clinicians will report under MIPS the first year. (For more information on Advanced APMs on page…

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  • The Importance Of Credit Counseling Debt

    debt knows, it’s incredibly stressful to open the mail. Every batch of mail is bound to include a late bill notice, a letter from a collection agency, a utility bill with a past due amount or even just a regular old credit card statement with a balance that’s way too high. When you see how much you owe, and even worse how much interest you 're paying, it’s common to feel instant panic and depression. One study found that people who struggle to pay their bills each month experience twice as…

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  • Buy Time: A Career As A Sports Agent

    With money manager as one of my jobs as a sports agent, it is my responsibility to make this concept explicitly clear to my clients. Failing to adhere to this philosophy results in many athletes becoming broke after spending their money continuously on expensive and unnecessary purchases. I will use this guideline when consulting a client on how to spend his money, reminding him not spend his money too fast by buying expensive cars or huge mansion. Instead, I will advise him on how to properly…

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  • Personal Economy Benefits

    Credit cards are desirable for some purchases, but using them too much has serious pitfalls. Even if you are so conscientious that you always pay your balances in full each month, you can still lose money from such things as changes in terms, delayed processing of payments, shortened grace periods, and other methods some credit card companies use to trick consumers out of their…

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  • My Long Term Goal

    Having grown up in a family that was torn by divorce, the crippling changes in the economic situation in my home country and eventually immigration, my only financial goal is to be without a lack of assets. Having to pay my own way through undergrad, as well as providing for my personal needs such as clothing, technology and transportation and almost all of my own groceries since I was old enough to work, at no point in my life thus far have I been able to save any of my income for long periods…

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