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  • Maxined Out Analysis

    I found the movie, Maxed Out, to be very informative. I learned a lot of things from watching it. The first thing that really captured my attention was credit card companies and how college students are a main target for them. I found that part of the movie very important. The second fact that caught my eye was that a person can buy another’s debt. I thought that was interesting but not a very smart thing to do. The third thing that piqued my interest was about the company Providian. As I…

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  • Argumentative Essay-Money Doesn T Buy Happiness

    Money Doesn’t Always Buy Happiness Today in our day and age, there has been one topic that comes up that has been a controversy for people all over the world: money. Scientist have studied that, “Money does buys happiness, but it buys less than most people think,” (Dunn, Gilbert, Wilson, 2011, pg. 115). Some people believe that the more money that they have, the happier they will be. Others believe that money is the epitome of unhappiness because it can cause a barrier between them and those…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Credit Score

    or asking for a student loan when you start of in college. One way to increase your credit score would be to start off young. When you start young you have the ability to start with an okay credit score. And as you get older and keep up with your payments, it will increase your score. Credit score is built on 15% length of history. As long as you start with a great history, make it a long one so that when you are older and really…

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  • Why Scholarship Is Important To Me

    This scholarship paper means a lot to me, maybe I can get a scholarship or a grant or something to help me out with school this year. A real life even that has happen time is, when my parents got a divorce my dad stayed in Scott and me, my mom and my sisters moved to Salina. Growing up in two different places was a little different and a little rough I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Having divorced parents that live three hours away from each other suck and when you only get to see one of them…

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  • Loan Cheetah Persuasive Speech

    You appreciate your education at Florida State, you really do. But boy are tuition payments getting you down. It seems like you just put the stamp on the envelope to pay off one school fee, when you need to pay something else off. It it weren't tuition, it'd be books or something else. Yikes! If your your Internet cruising has landed you on this page, it isn't much of a stretch to assume you need cash. True enough, you may not need it to pay tuition, but you need it nonetheless. The good news…

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  • Should Students Be Paid For Good Grades Essay

    Should Students Be Paid For Good Grades In School? Should students be paid for having good grades? This topic has some really strong arguments on either side. In this research paper I will list facts and argue both sides of this debate. Some people believe paying students for good grades is a bad idea, I personally believe students will strive to do better when they are paid for their work. Lots of schools are paying their students for getting good grades, and others are giving it a try. Why…

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  • At Your Service Case Study

    Throughout the first year, you continued to make a little money, or lose a little every month, but the company has been steadily losing money in the second year and has had to use reserves in order to keep in business. You think the problem is that the chefs do not know how to manage a business. As soon as the business seemed to be breaking even last year, you noticed that they changed menus, offering more elaborate dishes with more expensive ingredients without increasing prices. These dishes…

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  • Debit Cards Essay

    debit, credit cannot be established, and folks are missing out on the opportunity to establish credit. Debit cards allow people to spend as much as they have in their checking account, yet credit cards let people spend up to a set limit, but the payments must be paid on time. There is less fraud protection with debit cards opposed to credit cards which promote reimbursement. When using a debit card to purchase items or depositing a check into an account, there could be a hold on the money in the…

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  • The Importance Of Paying College Athletes For Sports

    athletes publicity is producing revenue for universities and the NCAA (Breslow, 2013). While controversy throughout this pivotal topic is understandable, college athletes should not receive additional financial help because education leads to money, payment plans would be a disaster, and college athletes receive “lavish” benefits. Paying college athletes for publicity rights stirs up extreme controversy as the NCAA received numerous complaints. The issue here is whether student-athletes, who…

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  • Speech For One Day Research Paper

    The world that we all know today is going to come to an end! Living with our parents is fun and games now but the moment we step into the real world is an eye opener. We live in a world where almost everything is handed to us, but if you ever thought about it, your parents are the superheroes of the day because they pay for everything; all our clothes, shoes, housing, electronic, etcetera bills. Taking care of yourselves in the real world is not as easy as 1,2,3.…

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