Personal Narrative: A Career As An Office Assistant

I been working at Montefiore hospital for 17 years as a head cashier/office coordinator. I was hired as a cashier, but since Montefiore acquired other facilities in the past 5 years, I got promoted to the office coordinator where one of my job descriptions is to train and help out other cashiers with different issues. My daily duties include processing payments from different departments in order for the facility to check and balance. I check to make sure that each department proves out and everything balances out and then the accounting office checks to make sure that I proved out and that there are no errors. Of course sometimes errors can not be avoided, for examples when we went live with a new system. It took us a while to adjust as well …show more content…
In the past a transaction can only be voided at the time of a payment. I enjoy my job and I think that it is very easy especially since I have been doing it for so many years, sometimes it is difficult for me to comprehend when my trainee is not getting the fill of it.

About a year ago Montefiore underwent an EPIC transformation where instead of using many different systems for inputting patient demographic information, verifying patient insurance as well as collecting payment, we now use one system and that is EPIC. The transformation was done gradually by different departments. The first department to go live was a department of ob/gyn. Since I processed their payment I was able to see the end of the day report which was similar to the one that we used before. Of course, there was some glitches in the system, one ob/gyn department payments from EPIC didn’t transfer to the USBANK system. In a perfect world, payments would be processed via USBANK and a report could be generated to let me know how many payments were processed and what was the grand total. Those departments who didn’t have the USBANK option had to provide us with a patient receipt from EPIC. Therefore it was very
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Since I was not notified about this issue I processed $100 for that day. Two days later I noticed that the end of the day summary had a negative balance. Since this has never happened before I was alarmed. I could have let it go and just go about my business; no one would have ever noticed it. It just bothered me knowing that someone voided the transaction without notifying the right party. At the time the supervisor was out on disability and I had to conduct the investigation. I located the person who voided the transaction to find out the reason behind it as well as, to notify the accounting office of the problem. In the past, we were only able to void the transaction by the end of the day of a payment. After contacting one of the supervisors from the accounting office, I was informed that in EPIC a payment could be voided up to a year. Each department was advised to refund any transaction on the same day of the payment. Unfortunately, not all of the departments obey the rules and that creates problems. This situation helped me with a similar issue that happened at the Monte North facility. I had received a phone call from a supervisor that stated that one of the end of the day summaries from ob/gyn department had a negative balance. A payment was processed on the same day as a glitch in the USBANK. Since he was not sure of

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