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-Case D267744 Exhibit A June 15, 2016 Selena Ives Attachment for Response Declaration
My basis for this Writ of Execution for money judgments, is that Respondent, Mr. Hunter, has failed to comply with his court order regarding the medical co-pay for the past 16 months, pursuant to code 4062 and 4063. Exhibit A- The FOAH filed November 18, 2014 page 2-5 2.1-states starting July 1, 2014 installments of $100.00 a month In the event any such payment becomes more than 10 days overdue, the entire unpaid balance shall become immediately due and payable without further notice. The respondent defaulted the July 2014 payment. 2.2 Respondent is actually
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Respondent has never provided a tax return or accurate accounting of his assets in the last 18 years.
In the court hearing on 2/25/2016 Petitioner 's motion was denied due to a technicality of my request for order not being properly filled out. Petitioner could not afford an attorney. Petitioner was hoping to have Respondent pay the back arrears and medical co-pays he had ignored for six months.
Respondent claimed he was not aware of having to pay medical co-pays and did not receive copy of FOAH filed in November 18, 2014. Respondent had been sent copies of the FOAH order and he also was being represented by an attorney, Robert Bettencourt, who also received copies of the FOAH order. I received Respondent 's late partial co-pays and the late arrears two days after his motions were filed 2/06/2016. Exhibit H Respondent starting March 1st 2016 writing on the arrears payment (medical settlement) and sending $20.00 check writing (ortho co-pay). I believe Respondent starting doing this knowing he was not complying with FOAH, and documents would create confusion later. Respondent continues to follow his usual patterns of not following through with proper ordered payments. After Petitioner 's last motion was denied Petitioner attempted to open a Riverside Department of Child Support Services case to collect as well as Riverside Court family law to take my case after removing garnishment. When Riverside was ready to take my case I was informed that they do not collect medical co-pays, I would have to file a motion, at that point I dropped that

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