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  • The Ethics Of Hunting

    Hunters using a semi-automatic won't “spray and pray” - firing blindly without making an effort to aim correctly and hit their target. Manually operated firearms have been in more hunting accidents than semi-automatic firearms. A manually operated firearm is a firearm that needs the user to manually actuate a lever, handle or latch to load the next round into the chamber. Opponents of this claim believe sportsmen shouldn’t…

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  • Repression Of The 2nd Amendment

    machine pistols, but they were already highly restricted. The ban just changed the name to assault pistols and broadened the definition to include semi-automatics with two or more of the following features that also accept detachable magazines: threaded barrel, barrel shroud, an unloaded weight of 50oz, a semi-automatic version of fully automatic pistol, or a magazine that isn’t inserted through the grip. These features just don’t make any sense. Sure the threaded barrel and barrel shroud goes…

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  • The Eco Smart Can Analysis

    1. Overview With increase in the population of East Tennessee State University’s (ETSU) community and the creation of new football stadium, the cleanliness of the campus needs to be maintained and improved. Also, keeping the campus clean will help prevent some diseases, amongst which some caused by mold. Traditionally, ETSU maintenance operates on daily or biweekly routes to pick up trash and recycle bins on a designated time, regardless of whether the containers are full or not (Fig. 1-1).…

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  • Why Guns Should Be Banned Essay

    Gun control is a highly engaged debated topic and always has been. Many people feel banning guns and creating gun free zones is the answer to stopping mass shooting and people being killed daily. Except they’re wrong. According to Freedom Outpost, 92 percent of mass shooting have occurred in gun free zones. Why? The answer is simple, bad guys know good people do not have guns to protect themselves. One argument that reoccurs is not the gun that kills, but the people who kill with a gun. "The…

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  • Gun Control In Australia Research Paper

    States of America On April 28th, 1996, Martin Bryant entered the Broad Arrow café, in Port Arthur, ate a meal and slaughtered 12 people. Port Arthur is a former penal colony on the southeast coast of Tasmania. He committed this atrocity with a semi-automatic rifle. He then left the café and continued through a gift shop, parking lot and finally to a gas station killing 22 more innocent civilians. He fled and was only captured the following morning. During the night he killed a hostage. In all,…

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  • Essay On Political Ideologies

    Growing up, I was raised in a conservative, Christian, upper-middle class home. At a young age, I listened and asked questions concerning what my parents and family members were discussing when the news came on. As I got older and started thinking more for myself, I realized I was blindly agreeing with my parents ideas on politics. It wasn’t until around sophomore year in high school that I really became fascinated with politics and the differences between liberals and conservatives. From there…

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  • Issues Facing America Today

    related deaths. I believe that along with outlawing assault and semi automatic weapons, there should be strict regulation on ammo. Some people say that these regulations won't matter because criminals will still illegally get firearms, and people can still kill with limited ammo. This may be true, but with less ammo available it still limits the amount of potential damage a criminal can do. Additionally buy no longer allowing semi automatics it will take more time for the ammo to be fired,…

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  • Radio Frequency Identification (RF And RFID?

    NFC and RFID Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, aiming to automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. Near Field Communication (NFC) is one specific type of RFID, and shares many physical properties with it. The differences between NFC and RFID is that many extra properties were developed for NFC to enable secure mobile payments. 1.1. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) RFID was first patented in…

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  • Rfid Disadvantages

    3.8: Benefits and Limitations of RFID: Though RFID is not likely to entirely replace commonly used barcodes in the near future, the following advantages suggest to additionally apply RFID for added value of identification: • Tag detection not requiring human intervention reduces employment costs and eliminates human errors from data collection, • As no line-of-sight is required, tag placement is less constrained, • RFID tags have a longer read range than, e. g., barcodes, • Tags can have…

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  • Effective Communication In Banks Case Summary

    as soon as possible. Instead of stating clearly that Case need Banks get rid the trouble but also keep works are done on time, Sam Case forget to emphasize his issue to Paul Banks. Thus, follow the request of Sam Case; Paul Banks decides to stop the production line in four hours to replace the automatic control, which cause the trouble for production line. However, Sam Case doesn’t feel happy with Paul’s decision. They start arguing and realize they do not understand each other from the…

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