The Importance Of The Do It Yourself Party

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The Do It Yourself party was created by the generation of those who had to create things for themselves. Their parents did not hand them things on a silver platter. They worked for what they believed in. The Do It Yourself party, we do not push our work on to other people. The party can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.
Our party is for those eighteen and older, unless you are working and are sixteen. Here we believe that any man or woman can get married to any man or woman. No unborn child will be aborted. The minimum wage should be raised to eight dollars an hour. We also believe in the death penalty and that no harm shall come to a child, (child abuse). We also believe in the second amendment. We do not support abortions.
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They cannot protect themselves as easily as adults can. Often times, children are victims of abuse, either from their parents or from a stranger. When that happens, we do not support it. It is a sever crime and will not go unnoticed. If a child is abused, the offender gets a year in federal prison with no parole. If the child dies, then the criminal will get the death penalty. The death penalty is last resort for the worst crime, murder. If someone has taken a life, then they shall go to jail while their sentence is being processed. We cannot leave the prisoner sitting in a cell for thirty years, it is a cruel thing to do, not knowing when they (the criminal) may go free or get the lethal injection. We want the process to happen as quickly as possible. Once that sentence is processed, they get to see their family and talk to them in a room with two officers who monitor the meeting. Soon after, the criminal will be lead to a chair then be given a lethal injection. This would deter people from child abuse and killing …show more content…
Our party supports and will protect the second amendment. We want to give this liberty out like a license, you get it renewed. The citizen would come in and take a test. Some tests would physical; drawing and holstering, loading and unloading, cleaning, showing them around a weapon. Other tests would be mental; are they mentally capable to carry a weapon, can they tell the difference between a person reaching for a weapon or for a cell phone, are they going to use this weapon on their family. If they would fail one or either of these tests, they get two chances. After the second fail, they take a class for which test they failed. If they failed the physical test, they would take a test that would show them around a weapon and how to prepare for the test. If they failed for the mental test, they would go talk a therapist and take an online class that would evaluate their answers. Every two years, the citizens who have the licenses to carry a weapon would have to get it renewed and go through this process

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