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  • William Fitzhugh On The Vikings

    discoveries that are too controversial to consider genuine, like the Vinland Map publicized by Yale University in 1965. In other words, legitimate pieces of evidence that describe accurate Viking lives are hard to come by. Fitzhugh demonstrates that new archaeological findings prove the Vikings not as raiders and pillagers, but as entrepreneurs opening up new avenues of commerce and bringing Scandinavian ideas into Europe. Nevertheless, Fitzhugh agrees that some of the Viking accounts were…

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  • Trinovantes Economic Structure

    reliable a picture of the economic structure of any one Celtic society can we gain from the ancient sources? In terms of economy, the Trinovantes (had a wide range of different industries as well as benefitting from close trading links with Rome. Archaeological artefacts discovered within the Trinovantes tribal territory can be used as reliable sources to help establish a picture of the economic structure of this Celtic society. Ptolemy states in his Geography (2.3) that ‘… further to the east…

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  • Loch Kinord Environment Analysis

    Castle and Prison Island respectively were built in the 9th century using layers of tree trunks, stones and other materials and had been inhabited till around the early 14th century. To understand more about the past societies that built and used this site I am going to look at methods used in landscape archaeology, environmental archaeology and geoarchaeology such as pollen and soil studies, LIDAR, Excavating and methods of Remote sensing. I will show how we use these methods to find out which…

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  • What's A Mother To Do Analysis

    and E. Trinkaus 1995 Patterns of trauma among the Neanderthals. Journal of Archaeological Science 22:841-852. Drucker, D. and H. Bocherens 2004 Carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes as tracers of change in diet breadth during Middle and Upper Paleolithic in Europe. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 14:162-177. Hardy, B. L., K. Marvin, A. E. Marks and K. Monigal 2001 Stone tool function at the paleolithic sites of Starosele and Buran Kaya III, Crimea: Behavioral implications. PNAS…

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  • Origin Of Humans In The Americas

    belong to that of the Clovis complex populations (Waters and Stafford, 2007; Sanchex et al., 2014). However, this is debated by a number of authors who suggest there must have been human populations in the Americas before Clovis. Clovis culture archaeological sites are widely distributed around North America and are dated back to shortly after the last glacial maximum (Goebel et al, 2008). The timing of the colonisation and the geographical locus have led to the assumption that Clovis were the…

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  • Troy Movie Analysis

    The movie Troy is based on a not so true story known as the Iliad by Homer, which scholars believe that he may not have written it himself. The Iliad is 99 percent fiction with very little actual history in it. The story was inspired by the past and the stories that were handed down for generations to generation and then recorded by Homer. Although it is believed that Homer was not the only writer. What the movie got right is that there was actually a city of Troy. The walls surrounding Troy…

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  • Roles Of Archaeology

    of extinct human cultures (Woodbury, 2008). There are 3 different fields of archaeologist, these being Field archaeologist, university archaeologist and museum archaeologist. A field archaeologist main point of concentration is on the excavation of sites and documenting records of their work. A museum archaeologist job is to preserve places and objects that field archaeologist discover whilst presenting them to the public. The final type of archaeologist are university archaeologist who both…

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  • Early Intermediate Period: Mosely Vs. Malpass

    environmental changes while Malpass emphasizes sociopolitical forces. As they describe the changing cultural forces of the era, Moseley utilizes a straightforward voice and often mentions specific dimensions and other numerical data pertaining to archaeological sites to support his arguments, while Malpass uses a slightly more conversational tone and often cites the work, theories, and data of other archaeologists and authors throughout his discussions of the Early Intermediate Period. Mosely’s…

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  • Examples Of Cannibalism

    Archaeological Examples of Possible Cannibalism White (1992) has proposed a taphonomic signature of cannibalism which consists of minimum 6 criteria. These include perimortem breakage, cut marks, burning, anvil abrasions, under-representation of vertebrae,…

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  • Homer's Iliad: The Reality Of The Trojan War

    By looking at the various archaeological and historical evidence, we can determine the historical reality of the so called, Trojan War. I contend, that whilst the main source of information, Homers Iliad, is largely mythological and written not for history but for entertainment, there are still some archaeological factors suggesting there was some form of conflict between Greece and Troy. Thus, the categorisation of the Trojan war as a myth, warrants critical evaluation. I propose the reality…

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