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  • Comprehensibility In Oral English Case Study

    Name: Suad Alnababteh Assignment #4 1. Citation in APA style KANG, O., RUBIN, D., & PICKERING, L.. (2010). Suprasegmental Measures of Accentedness and Judgments of Language Learner Proficiency in Oral English. The Modern Language Journal, 94(4), 554–566. 2. What was the researcher 's purpose in conducting this study? The aim of this study was to examine oral proficiency and comprehensibility in nonnative speakers of English using suprasegmental features of accentedness. 3. What were the…

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  • Phonetics In Arabic Language

    Arabic is the official language in 22 countries, which also for the Arab league. It is also the second major language in Chad, Israel, Chechnya, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkenistan, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Djibouti and Mauritania. In addition, Arabic is the language of the holy Quran, all Muslims irrespective of nationality are to some degree familiar with Arabic, and therefore influenced by how language works. The formal Arabic language is knows as Al-Fusha or Classical…

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  • Speech Perception Paper

    Speech perception is the process by which the sounds of a language are heard, interpreted and understood. ‘Speech perception’ is defined as the receptive language process in which the input signal is speech. ‘Hearing’ is one of the sensory processes that may be used in speech perception. Thus “speech perception is a particular form of receptive language processing and hearing is a particular sensory modality contributing to speech perception” (Marschark & Spencer, 2011). Speech audiometry has…

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  • Miley Case Study Answers

    Final Case Summary I learned a lot about Miley over the two months that we worked together, but I learned about the things she likes through our interest survey. One thing that Miley really likes is winter, and she drew a snowman for me on her interest survey. She also told me that her favorite subject was the park, which I believe means recess. She really likes the televisions shows Mutt n’ Stuff, Wendy, and the Lion Guard (which is a spin-off of Lion King). Her favorite book is Tap Tap Bang…

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  • Psychoactive Disorder Case Study

    X is a nine-year-old foster student who has moved around a lot due to foster-family changes. Currently, he is in a loving and stable environment with dads that adore him. This has done a great deal of good but has not made up completely for the lack of structure received in his earlier/ developmental years. Regardless of the activity, X is very active and always has a bunch on his mind. When I first met him, he was the one asking me questions before I had the chance to ask him, now we are equal…

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  • Social Studies Class Analysis

    As a high school senior, this is the first Economics class I’ve ever taken. I didn’t know what to expect at all. Talking to most of my classmates didn’t exactly help either. I’ve heard a lot of different opinion about the class, but I knew I had to experience it myself before making a judgment. Some people have told me it was a fun and interesting class while others have told me it’s the most boring class they’ve ever taken. I thought I would be able to compare this class to one of the Social…

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  • Informative Speech: What Other Languages Influenced The English Alphabet

    audience will understand where the alphabet originated from, what other languages influenced the alphabet, and the importance of having an alphabet Introduction I. Attention-Getter: Most Americans use the alphabet everyday, but have never been taught the origins. II. Personal Credibility: I also didn’t know where the alphabet came from. III. Audience Relate: I’m sure that many people in this room don’t know the origins of the alphabet. IV. Preview &…

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  • How Did Mesopotamia Impact On Society

    impacts Mesopotamia had in the world involves their language. The Akkadian language that the Mesopotamians used is actually related to the current Hebrew and Arabic language. The Akkadian language that they used impacted and influenced the creation of some words in the two languages. This makes a big impact on the world because the Hebrew and Arabic languages are used in many religions and some countries. These two languages have lasted until our present day which means that the impact has…

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  • Languages Of Another Language

    wide variety of different languages that are officially recognized, extinct, or unofficial languages, since there are vast amount of different languages, there 's a few that have adopted some of each other’s culture, by having different or similar alphabet or writing styles and depending on its difficulty from a person’s primary language it could take longer or faster to learn a new language, and few reason why learning another language is helpful along with where they could learn the language…

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  • Study Of Evolution, And Physical Anthropology

    Evolution, Physical & Linguistic Anthropology Evolution is defined by Charles Darwin as a process in which “organisms develop or diversify from an early simple form to that of more recent or complex form.” (Than, K. 2015). Physical anthropology is the study of how those living organisms evolve over the course of history. These physical anthropologists investigates evolution by examining artifacts, fossils, and other remains that have been left behind, in order to understand the differences in…

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