The Influence Of Arab Spring

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Arab Spring
Arab Spring made trending news due to many protests happening in Syria, Algeria, and Tunisia. It all started with a man who lived in Tunisia named Mohamed Bouazizi according to (Gutierres). Bouazizi was unemployed, the food prices were high, and he was harassed by public officials. When that occurred, he set himself on fire on December, 2010. This got the attention of many people in the Arab World. "The people want to bring down the regime," as stated in the article (Occupy Wall Street the 1-9-90 Rule), that’s one thing the protesters declared. The people made sure President Muammar Gaddafi from the Middle East was overthrown and they accomplished it on August 23, 2011. It caught everyone 's attention in Egypt when the political
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For example, dictatorship, human rights violations, and political corruption to name a few as mentioned in the article (Occupy Wall Street the 1-9-90 Rule). Later, the separation of politics did not happen. The separation of politics, however made itself known in other cities. There was a point when many people doubted Arab Spring because it wasn’t supporting the breaking of the blockade in Gaza, Israel according to (Staff). Change slowly started happening in Bulgaria and Romania, their protest started getting more violent as according to (Engler). Many people were terrified, so they tried doing things differently in a way that was both right for themselves and the law. Also, protestors in Tahir Square refused to live in a dictatorship just like everyone else that was in the Middle East. Most Occupiers were not in dictatorship, they tried to remake direct democracy through twitter feeds so everyone would be able to see what was going on according to (Engler). Protestors that have been a part with Arab Spring are aware that it is a nationwide movement which demonstrates a change in government according to …show more content…
The Occupy Movement protestors wanted to have a nonviolent movement like Arab Spring did. The Occupy Movement had a concept which was "We are 99%" that was the protester’s slogan, according to the article (Occupy Wall Street the 1-9-90 Rule). This movement is trying to fix political matters because they deserve their rights to be respected. Arab Spring is being used as a tactic for the Occupy Movement in order to accomplish their rights. The problem that occurred with this movement was how the police was involved, according to (Engler). They still proceeded with the movement just approached it a different way. The first Occupy Movement protest took place in Manhattan and Occupiers tried to create something similar to the Arab Springs. This caused more movements to come together as one. Since it went viral online many people from different countries were attending the protests. These protests included signs saying "no more oppression for my beautiful country" or simple signs saying "occupy" to make sure their voice was heard. The protestors were split up into groups, and each group had a microphone, which projected their voice so they could be heard. Also, many other states started using protests as a way of making sure they were heard when they thought they were being treated unfairly

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