Protest And Causity In The Movie: Do The Right Thing

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In the movie “Do the Right Thing”, there were many issues present and many different ways to interpret every event. This movie’s central them was: what is the right thing to do? All of the characters in this movie faced that same question, and most of the characters thought they did the right thing in the end. The way the character’s view what they did depends on how they were brought up and the values that they share. This paper will discuss protest and causality as it relates to the movie.
One of the concepts discussed in class was protest. Protest is the response of someone not liking how things are. There are people that engage in protest so that others will not have to experience the same thing they did. Protest can be thought of as a
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Causality is a contextual argument of the relationship between two or more variables. Causality tries to figure out what is the cause. To determine causality one must establish the relationship between two or more things and to see how they co relate. In the movie, when trying to find out what caused the riot people might say the police started the riot because a police killed radio Raheem. But the riot started because Martin and Raheem’s boycott happened first. They do have the right to voice their opinion but there is a certain way that this must be carried out. There is no music aloud in Sal’s pizza shop and they came in and broke that rule making it unbearable for Sal to operate his business. He asked for the music to be turned on and they refused. Their loud music caused Sal to break their radio, which turned into a fight, which got the police involved, and later turned into police brutality. Another example of causality would be that the boycott started in the first place because Sal did not want to put up black people in his restaurant. But it is Sal’s store and when it the shop was made there was mostly white people who ate there. It is his place, he can listen to a concern and it should be up to him whether or not he should follow through. It is not like Martin worked there or anything he just felt like since black people ate at Sal’s, then there should be black people on the wall. I feel like Martin was the

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