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  • Theme Of Absence And Symbolism In Hills Like White Elephants

    Function of Structural Elements’ Absence and Symbolism in “Hills Like White Elephants” A typical well-written short story incorporates various literary elements into building up an underlying message from the author. Specifically, an author would strive to deftly utilize the essential structural elements of a story such as a well-developed plot, detailed characterization, and concrete settings in creating a compelling narrative. Or, an author may put emphasis on one particular literary element…

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  • Forgiveness And Justice Analysis

    To forgive is to let go of anger, to want justice for what had happened is to harbor both anger and resentment. Whether justice and forgiveness can go hand in hand seems to be a controversy that is often talked about in many different literary works, often using this topic to convey a message to the readers. In these literary works, the authors use different methods to convey this message and their standpoint on the argument: Forgiveness and Justice coinciding with one another. As opposed to…

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  • Analysis Of Professions For Women By Virginia Woolf

    literature and drama mediums. For example, in Professions for Women, Virginia Woolf uses characterization of the first-person narrator to illuminate the theme of women pushing social boundaries to achieve freedom, through the expert use of structure and style. Woolf intentionally alluded to the characterization of the narrator by the structure of the essay. The narrator begins by asserting her case as an unmitigated fact, even though it is an opinion. Woolf demonstrates this in, “The obstacles…

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  • Jasper Jones Quotes

    English Online Seminar: Alex Wasley Welcome and good evening to my online seminar of the novel ‘Jasper Jones’ This novel is set around the era of the 1960’s, in a hot summer day. This novel created by Craig Silvery has created the character Charlie Bucktin that I have chosen for my character analysis. Through the use of textual and aesthetic features Craig can show Charlies opposing views than society. Charlie struggles to understand people’s reasons for committing crimes like robbery in the…

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  • Explain The Romantic Elements In The Daffodils By William Wordsworth

    Wordsworth invented a new style of poetry, in which nature and the diction of men expressed throughout the poems In 1798, Wordsworth had a poetry collection called, Lyrical Ballads, which helped the romantic era of English literature grow. Writers in this era were inspired by the…

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  • Narrative Techniques In Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

    Dialogue is a writing style that present the conversations between two or more characters on certain topics. Writers often use dialogues in literary works as a narrating technique. Dialogues can bring readers into the setting of the story and make them feel personally involved. The use of conversations also can reflect the major theme of the story through narrators’ exchange of ideas. Dialogues are also prevalent in African and Caribbean poems and stories, as seen from “Girl”, “Miguel Street”,…

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  • Good People By David Foster Wallace Analysis

    The fictional story, “Good People”, written by David Foster Wallace is about a young couple facing a life-altering decision. Wallace writes with significant and detailed focus on the two characters, Lane Dean Jr. and Sheri. Imagery is seen significantly through this story as reader can picture a number of scenes in their minds as they follow the story. Extended metaphor is seen in both the title of the story as well as a small amount within the body. The title itself is named “Good People” which…

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  • Please Don T By Tony Hoagland Analysis

    Retaining Innocence In Tony Hoagland’s poem “Please Don’t,” he personifies nature to fully understand the naïve lives of them and the emotions that go along with them being sheltering. The poem takes place in the springtime when the flowers have all merely bloomed. A narrator, from afar, recounts the descriptive poem to the audience. In the second and third stanza, he talks about the relations between different aspects nature, in this case “about the rain, the fog, the dew” and how, in return,…

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  • Omniscient Narration In Toni Morrison's Sula

    In Sula, Morrison's intimate use of omniscient narration allows the reader to understand the depth of each character, a facet of her writing that proves itself to be almost hunger-inducing. Morrison is able to describe each major character, including Sula, Nel, Shadrack, and even minor characters like Eva, Hannah, and Helene, with a level of intricacy that any other form of narration could not rise to. Considering the simplicity of the plot, the omniscient narration leaves a wide birth of…

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  • Violence In Paret's Fight

    Mailer’s word choice steers the reader to visualize Paret as a capable competitor whose fighting style is reflective of his admirable characteristics. The diction’s effect sometimes deviates, but it always moves the reader toward similar conclusions about Paret that Mailer made. Throughout the events of the fight, Mailer never uses negative diction…

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