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English Online Seminar: Alex Wasley
Welcome and good evening to my online seminar of the novel ‘Jasper Jones’ This novel is set around the era of the 1960’s, in a hot summer day. This novel created by Craig Silvery has created the character Charlie Bucktin that I have chosen for my character analysis. Through the use of textual and aesthetic features Craig can show Charlies opposing views than society. Charlie struggles to understand people’s reasons for committing crimes like robbery in the town. He starts to become aware of a number of inhumanities like racism that was notorious in the 1960’s, and starts to realize that people are not as ‘good’ as he assumed. The well - established town of Corrigan in Western Australia, is wrought by prejudice,
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This scene illustrates to us just how safe he feels at home and that he requires exceptional bravado, wiliness and courage to overcome his greatest fears. Silvey has used the literary devices symbolism, diction, metaphor and awed tone. The quote that shows Charlies character development is pg. 2 “"Something invisible tugs at my legs. This is the first time I 've ever dared to sneak away from home". This quote is the first part in the book where the audience is given insight into what Charlie is feeling and how he is changing from teen hood to …show more content…
This is scene in the quote "No, you dug this hole, you fill it in” page. 324. Silvey has used the language feature of symbolism and the literary technique of metaphor to create Charlies character development that is seen in the novel. This quote uses the language feature of symbolism to show Charlies rebellion against his mother, after Charlie witnesses his mother having an affair in the family car. Charlie uses this to his advantage to stand up to his mum while using a commanding tone to show his bravery and disgusted view of what his Mother has done. This quote is also symbolizing that Charlie has become of age, that Charlie doesn’t have to listen to his Mother anymore, Charlie doesn’t have to listen to Ruth. This shows what Charlie is feeling and how he now recognizes his Mother as Ruth, and not his Mother. The second part of the quote ‘You fill it in’ is symbolizing Charlie’s courage to tell his Mother that what wrong she has committed she is the only one that can fix it. Silvey has created this scene very well, and making the audience second guess Ruth’s actions towards the family and Charlie. The audience can fully see Ruth’s true

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