Adam Sandler's Portrayal Of PTSD In Reign Over Me

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The movie Reign Over Me is about two former college roommates, Alan and Charlie, who ran into each other after years of not seeing each other. One of the men, Charlie, lost his wife and three daughters in the 9/11 attacks. Charlie shows signs of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) (Binder, 2007). PTSD is a disorder that develops after one experiences a traumatic event. The events that could bring this disorder on are endless, but they are most likely to be horrific. Strange behavior after witnessing a traumatic event is not uncommon; however, it can become PTSD if it does not go away within a respectable amount of time or if it disrupts one’s life (National Center for PTSD, 2015). Charlie’s disorder is not surprising due to what he has went …show more content…
I believe he was very spot on with his acting. During the movie, it was difficult to come to a realization that it was an actor playing the role of a man with PTSD and not an actual man with PTSD. He was even realistic with the outrages and sudden bursts of violence; one could tell the passion in the way Sandler portrayed this character. The one and only factor for Charlie’s condition was the death of his family. After opening up, he expressed how much he loved them. His flashbacks were all happy memories of his perfect life before September 11, 2001. The attack had taken more from him than just his family, it took his dignity and his will to live. This event had a huge impact on Charlie’s life, it left him widowed and childless (Binder, 2007). After being pushed by Alan to go see someone, Charlie finally decided he needed some help. Alan recommended a therapist for him to see, and Charlie went to her many times. However, he just sat there and did not want to talk about his feelings. At their last session in the movie, the therapist urged Charlie to open up to someone. Charlie then went out in the waiting room and spilt his heart out to Alan and told him everything. After this, Charlie came face to face with his problems. All of the dreaded thoughts came flowing towards him at once (Binder,

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