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  • Catherine The Great: Catherine's Rise To Power

    In Russian history there were three great Tsars: Vladimir the Great, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great. Only one of these greats is a female, making Catherine’s rise to greatness even greater. Catherine was born Sophie Friederike Auguste of Anhalt-Zerbst in the Baltic port of Stettin, Pomerania on May 2, 1729 (Rounding, 7). She was the daughter of a minor Prussian (Germanic) prince, Prince Christian August of Anhalt-Zerbst (Lichman, Corey). As a child, Sophie received little affection…

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  • A Line In The Sand Analysis

    The detail is provided in a chronological order throughout the book in which it starts with Santa Anna before the battle and goes on as time progresses until after the battle of the Alamo. The books tells a story through a narrative perspective in the first half of the book then combines both narrative and analytical storytelling during the second half…

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  • William Travis Accomplishments

    Remember always as an American lawyer, soldier and a heroic Texas commander of the battle of the Alamo was William Travis. Even though he might be remember mainly under the command of the Alamo he achieve other important roles at early age. Being a thought since a kid, Williams grew to become a lawyer and in later years a leader to rebellions, in due time receiving the post of commander for a significant battle. Williams helped and meet people through his life and make several achievements for…

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  • Peter The Great Case Study

    Assignment 2 Complete the following questions and turn in assignment 2 via Sakai and outlook. Read chapter 3 (pp. 46-71) and answer the following questions. Please, don 't copy from the book; explain your answers using your own words: 1. Explain the background of Peter the Great and his curiosity with respect to the military and technological innovations. What did he do to fight Russia 's military backwardness? Peter the Great used different international specialists to learn different skills,…

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  • The Alamo Battle Analysis

    from October 1835 to April 1836. During the battle for the Alamo, a small group of Texas defenders led by Colonel James Bowie and Lieutenant Colonel William Travis fought a large contingent of the Mexican Army led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Hickman (2015) states that in late autumn of 1835, a small group of Texas rebels surrounded the…

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  • The Alamo Movie Analysis

    Can you imagine being surrounded by the professional warriors of Santa Anna forces who were so large in number, that he had his troops marching two days apart from each other? The way Santa Anna handled the battle of the Alamo showed us his strengths. Will all know that biggest problem at the Alamo was that they lacked in supplies and their manpower was fading rapidly, however; despite…

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  • The Alamo Analysis

    This movie begins in March 1836 in the Mexican State of Coahuila y Tejas. The film then flashes back to a year earlier. Sam Houston attends a party where he tries to persuade people to migrate to Texas. He meets with David Crockett, recently defeated for reelection to Congress. Houston explains to Crockett that if he migrates to Texas he will receive 640 acres of his own choosing. After this the Texas government holds a meeting to figure out what to do about the recent capture by the Texans of…

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  • Sam Houston Character Analysis

    all dispatch.” Houston would not risk everything going to war with Santa Anna when he did not even have enough trained soldiers. It was a decision made to abandon them in a sense because although Houston pleaded to the men at the Alamo to listen to his orders, he was ignored. Houston understood that the battle for independence would not be won in Bexar, but instead lost. While everyone was being defeated by Santa Anna, General…

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  • The Alamo Movie Essay

    The film opens up at the point where Santa Anna has gained victory in defeating the American/Texan Army at the Alamo. Sam Houston is then shown being told what occurred at the Alamo. From this point we see the film transitions into a flashback a year before the battle to introduces us to the important people of the battle and show us how it lead to it. We are shown that Sam Houston is at a party where he is talking to people about Texas and how they should immigrate to it. At the party Houston…

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  • The Mexican Revolution Summary

    In 1808, Spain is taken over by Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon disposed of the existing monarchy and installed his brother, Joseph, as head of state. The resulting war against France and Britain lasted nearly to the Mexican Revolution as Napoleon’s government falls into disarray and the revolutionaries began to gain momentum. Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was a middle aged priest living in the parish of Dolores. Hidalgo was a Crillo by birth, and had a pro-Indian sentiment. He organized his…

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