Essay On Women In The Romantic Era

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Women today are almost getting treated equally as men. However, during the early 18th century which is also known as the Romantic Era women were treated far less better legally and socially than how men were treated. In the romantic era, women were seen as being weaker and less than men. Also, they objectified almost every women during the Romantic Era.These two stories “The Poor Singing Dame” by Mary Robbins and “The Right of Women” by Anna Laetitia Barbauld are perfect examples that will help me further prove that women were not considered on the same level as men were in the Romantic Era.In the Romantic Era women were treated like objects and/or puppets for men to use for their convenience. The struggle that women had to go through during …show more content…
In the story “The Poor Singing Dame” “And still would she carol her sweet roundelay; / At last, an old steward relentless he sent her– / Who bore her, all trembling, to prison away!” (Robinson lines 37-40). This is a good representation of how women are suppose to listen to men and if they do not they would have been punished. Women were not even entitled to a fair trial during that time period. So in the Romantic Era male supremacy was a major issue that was not solved until a few decades ago. Also, the norm back then was that men got the final say and once again we can see this in the “The Poor Singing Dame” when the king got tired of the poor dame being so cheerful and singing after threatening her multiple times so he decided to send his men to throw her in prison (Robinson lines 37-40).. In the Romantic Era, there are so many double standard between men and women. For example, men had all the power an example of this could be that women had no right to vote. Although, only a few men with power and wealth could vote on certain things. There are also double standards that include adultery and men would not be that frowned upon. However, all women would be looked down upon by society and most likely will become an

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