Joy Luck Club Anna Karenina Analysis

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Movies and film have a way of transporting viewers through time and place to experience for themselves what it would have been like to have lived under the political, cultural, and social conditions portrayed in the film being viewed. Through the personal experiences of the characters in The Joy Luck Club and Anna Karenina, the audience is deeply alerted to the role of women and the issue of gender inequality that were customary for the time and place that each of these films examined. Different societies have different perceptions, just as different groups within those same societies may also have varying viewpoints. However, both The Joy Luck Club and Anna Karenina echo the underlying sentiment that women are not on equal footing in these two male dominated societies. Consequently, the women of The Joy Luck Club and Anna Karenina herself, are pioneers that pave the way for future generations of women to live a life of their choosing.
Since The Joy Luck Club takes place in 1980’s San Francisco, the lives of the mothers are witnessed through numerous flashbacks. These flashbacks represent traditional Chinese
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Both The Joy Luck Club and Anna Karenina are accurate depictions of the unique social issues that dominated a place and time in history in the countries portrayed. Language, costumes, scenery, dialogue, music, and references to certain historical events all influence the viewer’s awareness of the unique social conditions present during each film. Despite the hardships of which they were keenly aware, the women in these films chose to break the mold and travel the path that would ultimately lead them to their happier selves. They broke the rules, laid the foundation for defiance, and made it easier for future generations of women to challenge other aspects of gender

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