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  • Qualities And Characteristics Of An Exemplary Teacher

    the students to acquire that achievement through much emotional support and a “part” of the students life. As a student, I was taught, supported, and encouraged in the classroom. I did not have the extra burden of trying to learn with disruption surrounding me. These teachers had classroom/behavioral management mastered. I believe that I would integrate an eclectic classroom/behavioral management to my classroom. I believe that authoritarian style does work well, but I would like to add some democracy to the classroom. I believe that a teacher can maintain authority, but also allow students to assist with rules, expectation, etc. My goal is to have a classroom where students can learn and not feel unsafe. Ms. Bestie, my elementary school teacher, was a “class act” when it came to management. We learned that follow rules was a lot easier than the consequences. The consequence of rewriting the dictionary kept all us of 6th graders behaved. She had such a loving presence no wanted to make her feel bad and we wanted to make her…

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  • Cajita Box Essay Example

    would have to carried him on my back to help my mom so she could cook for the family and clean the house. I always enjoy carrying him when I was younger. This item is very important to me because it was made by my grandma who is my mom’s mother. My grandma was able to made 5 of the baby carriers before she left us to a better place. It was a gift from my grandma to me, my sister and my bothers’ future wives. This is the reason to why this items is very important and close to me. The third item…

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  • Rural Education Essay

    Students from rural areas in China lag far behind their urban peers in terms of both the quantity and quality of education received. Rural students have low levels of educational attainment and persistently drop out of school across all post-primary levels of schooling (Liu et al., 2009; Yi et al., 2012; Shi et al., 2015). A series of field studies show that the dropout rate of rural junior high students ranges from 18 to 31 percent across a number of provinces (Wang et al., 2015; Li et al.,…

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  • Benefits Of Tablets For Education

    Tablets for Education Tablets used everyday in different ways. A tablet is a mobile device. A tablet is smaller than a computer or laptop and can do the almost everything a computer can do. One way a tablet is used is for educational purposes. Tablets is used everyday in schools to teach, and students want more use of a tablet. Tablets has changed the way students learn and the way teachers teach. Learning from a tablet has many benefits and is very effective in a student 's life as well it can…

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  • Teacher Tenure Essay

    decided every child should be given an education, it came time to find teachers for these schools and students. Teachers have always been an essential part of education, being as they are the ones providing said education. Even with that being said, there have been many cases of teachers being mistreated. There have been so many reported and unreported incidences of this happening that teachers felt compelled to try and do something to combat this problem. Throughout the years teacher unions…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Comprehensive Sex Education

    are the only thing available to most kids. I am here to advocate for comprehensive sexuality education programs rather than abstinence (no sex until marriage) only programs. To correctly argue my point, one has to have a basic understanding of what is happening in schools today. Currently, at least in Texas, there is no well-taught comprehensive sexuality education, and sometimes there is no sex-ed at all. This is a problem because if students don’t get comprehensive sex-ed, they won’t know how…

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  • Teaching Style: Teaching Styles Of Teaching In The Classroom

    In the parable “Doubt” by John Patrick Shanley stated “Sister Aloysius: These three students with the highest marks. Are they the most intelligent children in your class? Sister James: No, I wouldn’t say they are. But they work the hardest” (1470). Not all highest marks, are the most intelligent student. Some of them just work hard and study a lot. Because if a teacher makes the class fun, it is not boring. The students and the teacher share their opinion. Instead of listening to the teacher,…

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  • John Taylor Gatto Against School Analysis

    31 October 2014 For School In John Taylor Gatto’s essay, “Against School,” Gatto draws on his extensive experience as a teacher to argue that the American public education system does not exist to make students their personal best, but rather aims to create a large, manipulable work force incapable of challenging its government. This, he argues, is achieved by forcing authority on students from a young age, and then proceeding to breed each student for his or her specific role in society. While…

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  • Characteristics Of A Teacher

    obtain the best education they can from the schools they enroll in. Aside from this, the effectiveness of the teachers is then also very important in ensuring the effectiveness of the school. Researchers say that in order to ensure the effectiveness of the entire school, the performance of the people in individual classrooms must be efficiently managed. There are often misunderstandings with respect to a good or effective teacher (Gipps, McCallum and Hargreaves 98). Apparently, good teachers are…

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  • From Social Class And Hidden Curriculum Of Work Analysis

    According to John Taylor Gatto, author of “Against Schools,” the public education system “cripples” the children of today. In the reading, Gatto claims that the public education system causes children to become bored with themselves, to obey the way of the school and its teachers, and lacks to teach them the ability to deal with issues that go on in the real world, outside of school. Moreover, Jean Anyon, author of “From Social Class and Hidden Curriculum of Work,” compares and contrasts the…

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