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  • US Constitution Essay

    It this paper we will discuss three questions concerning the Constitution of the United States. The first question is; 1) is the government proposed by the Constitution a good idea for this country? 2) Is it a practical government? 3) Is it a feasible government? When at first, the Continental Congress had made for the government of the United States, the Articles of Confederation. Overtime it happened; that these articles became insufficient, and a new form of government became inevitable.…

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  • What Is The Cause Of Washington's Whiskey Rebellion?

    1. During Washington’s presidency the population was overwhelmingly more rural than later years, nearly 90% of citizens located in small settlements rather than some of the few established cities. Additionally, only 5% of them lived to the west of the Appalachians, which was largely Indian territory; most still lived within the original colonial borders on the eastern seaboard. Washington was drafted for presidency unanimously despite not directly pursuing the office, a feat that has never been…

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  • Alexander Hamilton And The Perils Of Posterity

    On the evening of Sunday, September 18, AHI Charter fellow and beloved Hamilton College History professor, Douglas Ambrose, spoke on “Alexander Hamilton and the Perils of Posterity”. With incredible eloquence, wit and energy he delivered a generous assessment of the honorable luminosity that Alexander Hamilton demonstrated in his public life. It inspired me to write further on Hamilton’s legacy. For Alexander Hamilton, to be seen as trustworthy in the eye of the common people was paramount.…

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  • Comparing Alexander Hamilton And Thomas Jefferson's Republican-Republican

    In American history, few ideological disagreements have been as important as the divide between Alexander Hamilton 's Federalist Party and Thomas Jefferson 's Democrat-Republicans. Both parties were led by brilliant men whose political arguments would lay the foundation for debates on the nature of government in America that are ever present in our national discourse. Hamilton thought America should drive ahead into the future as an industrial and mercantile powerhouse, whereas Thomas Jefferson…

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  • Hamilton's Farewell Address Analysis

    personally appointed Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, and Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson, formed the basis of political parties. Both helped guide the United States in interpreting the Constitution…

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  • George Washington Farewell Speech Analysis

    In 1796, after phrAses because the first president of America, George Washington addressed the American humans for the final time. It was called the Farewell Address. This speech became written within the 1796, a term described via the Yankee Revolution and inception of america. All through this era George Washington turned into a cherished and respected public figure among people. He becomes a role version and the concept of as the father of the us. as a result of his reputation, Washington…

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  • Causes Of The Whiskey Rebellion

    An event in which occurred in early American history is the Whiskey Rebellion. This event took place in Western Pennsylvania and started in 1791. Alexander Hamilton, who was George Washington’s Secretary of the Treasury, had an idea to impose or to put taxes on all whiskey products produced and sold in the U.S.A. Congress in 1791 established excise tax. This way, the U.S can pay of the enormous debt they are facing because of the Revolutionary War that occurred prior to this event. With nearly…

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  • Hamilton: An American Musical Analysis

    Hamilton: An American Musical is a musical play by Lin-Manuel Miranda based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers, as depicted in the book ‘Alexander Hamilton’ written by Ron Chernow. This musical has been critically acclaimed not only for its impactful lyrics and catchy music, but also for its depiction of early American politics and the historical changes brought by Alexander Hamilton. The historical aspect of Hamilton was shown clearly and entertainingly: each…

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  • Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation: Summary

    The novel I have selected is Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation; I selected this novel because I’m intrigued about the history of how our country was founded and about the days of trying to keep it together after our new found independence was gained. In the novel, one of the first key points highlighted was how some of the leaders of the time period wanted to become their own country while others had no intentions of becoming an independent country once the succeeded from England.…

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  • Hamilton Vs Thomas Jefferson Essay

    Alexander Hamilton believed that our new country’s federal government should be more powerful. However, Hamilton 's views faced strong opposition by many, such as Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and House Representative James Madison. He believed it more wise to provide more power to individual states. The two emerging parties deemed themselves with names that reflected their most treasured values. The Federalists attached themselves to the flourishing campaign in favor…

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