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  • Alexander Hamilton's Influence On The Government

    One of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, Alexander Hamilton is best known as the principal author of the classic work on constitutional government. However, his enduring influence on American matters of state lies equally with his reports to Congress on the financial affairs of the Federal government. Hamilton is chiefly responsible for the design and establishment of Federal institutions, and above all for the financial system which helped consolidate the states into a…

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  • Examples Of Pluralism In 1787

    Constitutional Convention and the debate over the ratification of the constitution in 1787 is a struggle between two points of view. On one side you have the Federalists and on the other Anti-federalists. Leading the Federalist enterprise was Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay who wrote eighty-five essays that were to convince the people of New York to vote for the newly written Constitution. The new…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Federalist And Anti-Federalist Parties

    interpretation” when situations arose that required such flexibility. Notably, the members of the Federalist Party were less known than those of the anti-Federalist Party and their careers had begun later during the Revolution, such as Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. The anti-Federalist Party was opposed to the Constitution because they believed it to be a limitation on individual rights and the rights of the individual states. The beliefs of these…

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  • Political Party Dbq Analysis

    There has been a disagreement between Hamilton and Jefferson since Washington named both of them in his cabinet. Jefferson describe Hamilton in 1790 “Hamilton was not only a monarchist but[in support] of a monarchy[based upon] corruption.”(Doc.1) Furthermore, Hamilton wrote “Mr.Madison, cooperating with Mr. Jefferson, is at the head of affection, decidedly hostile to me, and my administration; and actuated…

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  • Hamilton-Burr Duel

    The documentary tells the tales of the lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, both leading serendipitously parallel lives yet still incredibly different people, and their influence on the creation of American politics. Hamilton, a foreign-born Federalist notable for his fiery writings, and Burr, the Republican man known then as “America’s First Gentleman”, were originally close acquaintances, or perhaps more seeing as the terms of their relationship are not entirely known. However, over the…

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  • The Two-Party System: The Era Of Good Feelings

    Before the War of 1812 occurred, America experienced mainly a two-party system between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. Both parties had completely different views concerning politics. The Federalist party was led by Alexander Hamilton who supported a stronger central government and a loose interpretation of the constitution. However, the Democratic-Republican party was led by Thomas Jefferson who supported state’s rights and a strict interpretation of the constitution. After the…

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  • The Main Differences Between Alexander Hamilton And Thomas Jefferson

    The main differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson lie behind what they thought the principle of government was. According to Hamilton, government was needed to protect individual liberties. Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist Party also known as the Hamiltonians, who strongly supported his ideas. They believed in order for Americans to be free they needed a strong central government ran by well-educated people such as Hamilton himself, to protect individual liberty. “He…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between The Federalist And Anti-Federalists

    just powers from the consent of the governed” (Jefferson). By stating this it was absolute that those who were in a position of power are there because the people they over-see. Some of the men behind the support for the Constitution were Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. Although the Federalist strongly supported this change there were many disagreements from the Anti-Federalist group. The main argument came from those who believed this new Constitution would strengthen…

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  • Founding Generations: Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

    their reputations would rest” (Ellis 18). Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation is a historical non-fiction novel written by the accredited historian Joseph J. Ellis. Founding Brothers is about the founding fathers of the United States (Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Washington, and Adams) and how they formed the new nation. Together, the seven men went through many trials and periods of triumphs as they struggled to create a foundation for the new nation. Founding…

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  • Alexander Hamilton: Underappreciated Founding Fathers

    overlooked and underappreciated Founding Father is Alexander Hamilton, who is known for defending the U.S Constitution during its ratification, serving as the first U.S. secretary of treasury and being involved with the first sex scandal of the country. Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11th, 1755, although historians disagree on this birthyear as it could also be 1757 due to some dating on a few documents. In his later years of life, Hamilton would only give his age in multiples of ten,…

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