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  • Alexander Hamilton's Childhood

    Have you ever wondered how this country came to be? The country was created by our founding Fathers. Alexander Hamilton was 1 out of the 7 founding fathers. Hamilton went through many rough patches but never gave up. This essay will tell you about Hamilton’s childhood, his rise to the top and how he changed the USA for today. If you were to look at Hamilton’s childhood, chances are you’d think his odds were very little to none. He was born on the island of Nevis in the British West Indies. His…

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  • Immigration And Naturalization Service Vs Chadha Case Study

    Separation of powers along with checks and balances correlated together to form the balance that the founding fathers where looking forward to. The Federalist Papers were written by three men, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. However, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison were the two main ones that I wanted to mention since their point of view reflected on the topic of separation of power. It is a document that brought three men together in order to work things in order…

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  • Monroe Doctrine Questions

    views. George Washington believed political factions could cause a division in the nation. A.3. The Republican party was led by Thomas Jefferson, but the opposing party-Federalist-was led by Alexander Hamilton. Both party leaders disagreed over the power of the federal government because Hamilton wanted a strong central government while Jefferson didn’t. A.4. I believe that the formation of political parties hurt democracy because of the continuing opposition of both parties.…

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  • How Was Andrew Jackson Selfish

    Andrew Jackson, a strong-willed, stubborn, selfish man who only listened to himself and ignored the opinions of others, won his way into presidency during the election of 1828. Throughout his presidency Andrew Jackson made some horrible choices, that affected the country in negative ways. People were killed, orders were ignored, laws were broken, amendments were violated, all because of the choices he made. Even before his presidency he was a cruel man, that deserved punishment. Thomas Jefferson…

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  • How Did Andrew Jackson Changed America

    There was one special day in the year of 1833 that absolutely changed America due to Andrew Jackson. He destroyed The National Bank of America due to his belief of the amount of power it was given without liability and it was unconstitutional. The Second Bank of the United States was sanctioned in 1816 for a 20 year term. The time held worried many people in Congress about money related to private companies. Bank supporters needed solid cash and focal control of the economy. In 1828, Jackson was…

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  • The Jacksonian Democracy

    The Jacksonian Democracy is a political movement during the Second Party System trying to get a better democracy for the common man by the American politicians and Andrew Jackson’s supports ( Staff). The Jacksonian democracy went from the 1820’s which was the time Andrew Jackson was elected president, and till around the 1840’s ( Staff). The Jacksonian Democracy was also in the united states only (Schlesinger, Arthur M. The Age of Jackson). Jackson was a intelligent man…

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  • What Is John Quincy Adams Foreign Policy

    John Quincy Adams, son of John Adams, became the 6th president in the year of 1825. John Quincy Adams was a member of the federalist group as well as being a democratic republican. Several stated that he resembled his father in the way he presented himself; he lacked personal warmth. Among being our president, Adams served in a multitude of offices such as a diplomat, a Senator, and a member in the House of Representatives. To point out, entering the White House wasn't as effortless as…

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  • Comparison Of George Washington And John Adams

    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson - two of our nation 's greatest presidents. They have multiple memorials named after them, and they have their faces presented alongside Theodore Roosevelt 's and Abraham Lincoln 's. Both of the men are also featured on currency, Washington on the one-dollar bill and the twenty-five-cent quarter, and Jefferson on the (rather uncommon) two-dollar bill and the five-cent nickel. But Washington came first, and Jefferson was third, so someone had to come between…

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  • The Whiskey Revolution

    Economic: 1790- 1860* In 1790 to 1860, there were plenty of treaties, acts, and battles going on. In 1794, President George Washington sent John Jay to London, to avoid war with Britain. John Jay had to negotiate with the British to remove their forts from the U.S soil, including their troops, and to stop supplying weapons to Indians. This was known as the Jay Treaty. After the negotiation, the British still maintained trading posts on U.S soil and sold firearms to Indians. The British told the…

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  • What Was The Significance Of George Washington's Presidency?

    What was the significance of George Washington’s presidency? What successes and failures were present throughout it? The United States has had a mixture of good and bad presidents that led to improving the country or causing harm to the country during their presidency. For instance, President George Washington role as president had a lot of significance because he was Commander and Chief of his army and led them into the Revolutionary War. He presided over the Constitutional Convention after the…

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