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  • Summary Of Alexander Hamilton: The Outsider

    The book I chose to read was Alexander Hamilton- The Outsider by Jean Fritz. This book was rated at a 9th grade reading level but could be read in grades 6th- 8th depending on the students. There was quite a bit of information crammed into 144 pages and therefore can be useful in many different ways throughout the different age groups, even in the grades below 6th if the information is just taken from it. This being said, this book can be incorporated in many different ways in the classroom. As…

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  • Alexander Hamilton: One Of The Two Great Political Parties

    “Hamilton also became the esteemed leader of one of the two great political parties of the time.”( During Hamilton 's tenure as Treasury Secretary, political factions began to emerge. These became the Republicans, Now called the Democratic - Republican Party, which was led by James Madison and William Branch Giles, and included Thomas Jefferson, and the Federalists led by Hamilton and his many friends. Hamilton established a daily newspaper, at the time known as the New York Evening…

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  • Differences Between Hamilton And Jefferson

    hopes for America was what really called people to their unlike causes. Hamilton 's ambitious hopes for the United States were ultimately to be like Britain. His interests were surrounding the economy and industrial status of the United States. First and foremost, he wanted to increase trade with Britain (MP 163). Although this meant violating the Treaty of Alliance that American had signed in 1778, aligning them with France. Hamilton believed that trading with Britain, who was the manufacturing…

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  • Custom House History

    The Alexander Hamilton U.S. Customs house is one of New York City’s important historical landmarks. The U.S. Customs House was built in 1902-1907 near the port of New York and its job was to collect customs from imported goods (New York Architecture 2015). Before income tax was being developed in 1916, customs was the greatest source of income for our government (NMAI 2015). “It is located near the southern tip of Manhattan, next to Battery Park (New York Architecture 2015).” The building is…

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  • The Personal Development Of Alexander Hamilton And The Federalist

    Alexander Hamilton was raised in the West Indies. Hamilton was making essays and also was talking in the public meeting around 1774. Then Hamilton was captain of artillery in the year of 1776 and then Hamilton join the Washington’s staff in 1777. Where he got married to Elizabeth Schuyler and Hamilton wanted to have a good national government, for example, in the Continentalist, two letters from Phocion, and in the Federalist. Hamilton has the idea of having a good national government would help…

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  • George Washington Dbq Analysis

    tax and use force if the Whiskey Rebellion did not end. ( Doc. 6) This was the first time that George Washington had to come in with the militia to stop the rebellion. This showed that Washington enforced and followed laws from the constitution. Hamilton had a plan to pay off the federal debt, he thought that if the U.S. started to tax whiskey the debt would be paid off very soon. However, this made farmers angry so they refused to pay tax and started a rebellion to remove the tax laws on…

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  • How Did Alexander Hamilton Influence Government

    2016 Alexander Hamilton: The Man That Could’ve Been a President. Born, not of this land nor of privilege, Alexander Hamilton rose from nothing. To start, he became a self-starting student, the winning factor to George Washington’s revolutionary team, and an official Founding Father; the uniter of the United States of America. “Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of man will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice without constraint (Hamilton).” he…

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  • Alexander Hamilton's Protectionist Economic Policy In The United States

    then President George Washington’s administration, Mr. Alexander Hamilton proposed a seemingly innocuous excise tax on spirits distilled within the United States of America. The move was part of Hamilton’s initiative to encourage industrialization and higher degree of national sufficiency (Robert, 1994). In his December 1791 report to manufacturers, Hamilton called for protective tariffs to spur domestic production. Also, Hamilton called for the reduction of duties on goods that were…

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  • The Driving Age

    First Quarter Writing Assignment The Federalist Papers are a series of essays that urged citizens to ratify the new United States Constitution. These essays were written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay but originally appeared in newspapers anonymously. The Federalist Papers are considered some of the most important pieces of writing that help with the understanding and interpretation of the original Constitution. Federalist paper 10 is perhaps the most famous of the papers…

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  • How Did Jefferson And Hamilton Influence Political Parties

    between Jefferson and Hamilton actually disturbed Washington, who wrote to both men in August 1792 to express his annoyed feeling towards them. Washington primary concern was about the foreign policy by the time the two parties were arising. At the time the major war approached following to the French Revolution, he rather chose to stay neutral and waited for the United States to grow strong instead of taking the suggestion from either Jefferson who was pro-France or Hamilton who was the loyal…

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