American Revolutionary War

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  • American Ideology Analysis

    American Ideology Seen Through the Founders Eyes Jacqueline C. Dubissette-Johnson Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee Abstract The ideology of the Revolutionary War was the American Enlightenment. This was critical for revolution war. The main ideas were the liberalism, republicanism and fear of corruption. The acceptance of concepts by a number of American colonists began an intellectual environment, which would lead to a new sense of political and social identity.…

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  • Qualities Of George Washington's Greatest Leader

    through his perseverance that if you try hard enough at anything you can make something of yourself. Washington took this perseverance with him through the rest of his life and it would become a useful asset as a general in war. Having the odds stacked against him and the American people with the British having a much stronger and bigger army he needed to have perseverance to get through this. Washington’s men also were able to feed off of Washington’s perseverance and become perseverant…

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  • Essay On Benedict Arnold And Joseph Mccarthyism

    Although he gained the title of “traitor” in the process, Benedict Arnold played a crucial role during the Revolutionary War. Without the aid of Arnold, many British troops would have avoided being captured and possibly impacted the future outcome of the war. With the spread of “McCarthyism”, Joseph McCarthy was successful in tracking a multitude of Communists he desperately fought against. Despite the fact that many of his claims…

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  • The Opening Scene In The Crossing By George Washington

    is a good representation of the events taking place in December of 1776. The event taking place in this film starts with the retreat of the Continental Army and ends with the successful attack at the Battle of Trenton, which is all apart of The Revolutionary…

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  • John Paul Jones Accomplishments

    The American Revolutionary is considered by many to be the most influential and pivotal war for America and its future. Within this war, a multitude of land and naval battles took place, with one of the most notorious being the encounter between the USS Bonhomme Richard and the HMS Serapis. John Paul Jones, who is revered as the “Father of the United States Navy” by many of today’s sailors, led this battle and used the maritime skills he developed over his impressive naval career to carry the…

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  • Lt-Gen Cornwallis Essay

    The siege of Yorktown changed the face of the revolutionary war and history by giving America their independence. In Oct 1781, the Continental Army overran the British redoubts surrounding their defensive positions. Lt-Gen Cornwallis failed at logistically placing the British and Hessian armies at Yorktown, and Lt-Gen Cornwallis fleet was trapped by Rear Admiral Comte de Grasse’s fleet, and prevented the British and Hessian armies rescue by the British fleet. The Victory is certainly a direct…

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  • North Carolina Oppression

    Oppression is common throughout history; resistance is common, also. North Carolina finds its place in the American narrative both as a British colony and later as a state, but it has its own individuality in how that transition was made. While many fellow colonists viewed the inhabitants of North Carolina as backwards or simple, this did not impede the development of a culture that was slowly becoming more diverse and growing as immigration drastically raised the population over the course of…

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  • The Patriot Analysis

    name of Benjamin Martin, a man who fought in the French and Indian War and now wants a quiet and peaceful life with his family on their plantation. With his wife dead and his oldest son fighting in the war, he will do anything to protect the remainder of his family. When his home is burned by the British army and his young son, Thomas, is killed by Colonel William Tavington-a man who believes in limitless warfare and takes…

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  • The Influence Of The Culper Spy Ring

    French were on their way with troops to help the Americans win the war, Clinton left South Carolina and got back to New York. Without any way to get information from New York Washington is unable to know if the British knew where the French were going to land. If Britain is aware of this location, they would engage with the French as soon as they hit land, or would prevent them from landing, which would hinder the Americans chance at winning the war. Washington found out that the French were…

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  • Hamilton Reflection

    seeks to tell a more modern, more liberal version of our civic myths and the story of America’s founding fathers. More specifically, it highlights the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. His journey from being a “Bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman to the nation’s first…

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