American Revolutionary War

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  • Consequences Of The Whiskey Rebellion

    debt resulting from the Revolutionary War. Due to the Whiskey Tax, President Washington was forced to address the nation when a rebellion upraised from Western Pennsylvania farmers who were producing the whiskey, and were now…

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  • The Chesapeake Bay Region

    According to the Revolutionary War in the South 1778-1781, three battles fought in the colonies south of Virginia during the War of Independence were Guilford Courthouse (March 15, 1781) and Yorktown (Aug 30-Oct 19, 1781), Battle of the Virginia Capes (French and American Victory Sept 5-9, 1781). The Guilford Courthouse battle occurred on March 15, 1781 this battle occurred in the beginning of 1781 where there was British victory even though there were American troop movements involved in…

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  • Influence Of George Washington

    George Washington: Early Influences That Made Him A Good Revolutionary War Leader: General George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He played a masterful role in the victory of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Events in his earlier life, along with his lack of traditional education enhanced his leadership skills, and strengthened his determination, which ultimately led to victory ( His great grandfather, John Washington, moved…

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  • Judas Iscariot: True Heroes Or Villains Of The French Revolution?

    Judas Iscariot, who some Christians may recognize as the man who betrayed Jesus Christ, is still taught about and looked down on today. Benedict Arnold and Robert Hanssen, two American traitors, were passionately hated for years until people started to forget about them. They are still taught about as villains of American History. Now imagine your king and 10,000 soldiers tried to flee the country and join the enemy in their attack against your country. You would do anything to get…

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  • Hamilton's Legacy The Seed In A Garden Analysis

    Continental Congress, and the states. He also was sent on important military missions and drafted major reports on the reorganization and reform of the Army.” (American Revolution). These reports would be sent out to people including General Washington. The reports would let everyone know the status of the war which was an advantage for the Americans. As a few years passed, Hamilton resigned his position as aide-de-camp and captain of the company of artillery. “In July 1781 Hamilton's persistent…

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  • Revolution Vs American Revolution

    the American Revolution was not a revolution. While the period of the revolutionary war can be definitively stated as 1775-1783, the shift in political and social ideologies began as early as 1763 with the end of the French and Indian War and stretch as far as 1815 when the Treaty of Ghent was ratified. This 52-Year time period can hardly be classified as sudden, especially in comparison to other revolutions such as the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution. By comparison, the American…

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  • Characteristics Of George Washington

    The revolutionary war took in excess of five years, countless lives, and many turns both for and against the original thirteen colonies. General Washington proved time and again his resolve in fighting the British and sometimes the first Continental Congress. As…

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  • Why George Washington's Was Important To US History

    George Washington’s was important to U.S history, because of his military leadership and contribution during the Revolutionary War leading into the beginning of the United States. In June 19, 1775 Washington was chosen as General and Commander-In-Chief of the continental army . In order to have a balance they elected George Washington because he had military experience, and will do what he can at his best at no cost. He led the volunteers in its incredible defeat against the most powerful…

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  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Farming was the largest economic activity, fishing was important along the coastline, while trading was a very important in large cities like Boston. Most manufactured things were brought in from England until the Revolution, when Americans defied the British and opened their ports to other countries. Another flourishing industry was Shipbuilding. A large communication system in Massachusetts was newspapers, The British consequently hated them because of the outrageous and degrading…

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  • Essay On Benedict Arnold And Joseph Mccarthyism

    Although he gained the title of “traitor” in the process, Benedict Arnold played a crucial role during the Revolutionary War. Without the aid of Arnold, many British troops would have avoided being captured and possibly impacted the future outcome of the war. With the spread of “McCarthyism”, Joseph McCarthy was successful in tracking a multitude of Communists he desperately fought against. Despite the fact that many of his claims…

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