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  • Pan African Imperialism

    The decolonization and road to independence of African countries was prominent occurence from the 1940s onwards. Key factors in the process towards independence were aspects such as the drafting of the atlantic charter which stressed the importance of self- determination, as well as the rise of an educated group of leaders by the likes of Leopold Senghor and Robert Mugabe who were inspired by Pan African ideals and Marxism. The two leaders played different roles of significance within their…

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  • African American Reparation

    be made to African Americans because of the high cost as well as complexity, it could erupt additional complications with other groups, and reparations have already been made. First, reparations would be expensive. According to a journal published on Social Science Quarterly, Craemer estimated that slavery reparations could potentially cost anywhere between 5.9 trillion dollars and 14.2 trillion dollars. Such numbers were estimated by gathering the total work hours for all the African American…

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  • African American Sexuality

    Throughout American history, African American women were constructed as inherently sexual and excessively available. At the same time, African Americans sexuality became an icon of eccentric sexuality in general and was highlighted during the nineteenth century. For that reason, threats and myths were constructed about African American men as the black rapist, always lurking and waiting, to descend upon white women. On the other hand, African American woman were not only constructed as a sexual…

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  • African American Religion

    In response to African American religion, Douge, Nancy, and McLoyd agree how African Americans and religion play a role in not just only in the Civil Rights Movement, but in family life and communal life in Africa and North America. They explained, “The significance of religiosity and spirituality in African American family life is more powerfully captured when they attended their religious practices” (McLoyd 193). These religious practices [prayer, fellowship, singing worship, shouting,…

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  • African American Family

    Originating during slavery, the African American family is an institution that has encountered an abounding amount of obstacles for centuries. Yet, since the 1960s, there has been a rapid decrease in the black family. Three theorist who examined the African American family were E. Franklin Frazier, Daniel Moynihan, and H. Gutman. Frazier’s was the first to examine the black family’s characteristics and the cause for its slow decline; Moynihan echoed Frazier and provided data to support his…

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  • Racism In African Americans

    predominantly white rich men. The African American community has suffered at the hands of those corrupted with power. One of the biggest factors that have aided these oppressors is racism. Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics specific to that race, especially to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. In this case African Americans have been held to a cultural bias in the United States, this has caused African Americans to…

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  • African Americans In Sports

    and ethnicities have struggled to coincide in our American melting pot, the assimilation of African Americans in sports was a monumental task that was actualized as a consummation of the Civil Rights Movement, and the changes that it enacted in our American…

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  • Art In African Museum

    African Art in Museums Africa is known for its larger cultural diversity and has many different types of beauty and art (one in the same). From the aesthetics view, African ideals of visual art are very different from the ideals in Europe and America. Most African artists have designed both ritual and everyday objects to be pleasing to the eye, colorful, and using many different designs. An example of art like this is the Male Chi Wara antelope headdress. If you were viewing this piece from a…

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  • African American Hair

    Good hair… What exactly is “good hair”? Kinky, twisty, wavy, or straight—African- American (AA) hair comes in many ways. There is so much spectacle surrounding AA hair. There are hair shows surrounding it, special hair care products, books, and movies that place the spotlight on this unique curly hair. To conduct research on the spectacle of African American hair, I first went and saw the movie “Good Hair” featuring Chris Rock. The movie was created because of Chris Rock’s daughter crying to him…

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  • African American Fear

    Powerless African American parents beat their children out of the fear that one day they could lose their bodies. It was only after the birth of his son, that Coates was able to understand the love behind the grip of his mother’s hand. He understood what happens to parents who fear not just the criminals among them but the police who lord over them with all the moral authority of a protection racket. While explaining his realization and why so many black parents beat their children, Coates says,…

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