Cultural Discrimination Of African Americans

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The United States of America is the only country with so many different types of ethnicities under the same government. African Americans generally, persons living in the western hemisphere who are descendants of Africans, especially black Africans. Ethnicity is defined as a shared culture, which may include heritage, language, religion, and more. No ethnicity group came into this country without fighting for their place in society, but the longest fighting group was done by African Americans from 1620 to 1960s. Although slavery was abolished in 1865, the Civil Rights Movement ended it all.
African American came to the United states in two different ways the slave trade and migration. The first Africans who arrived in North America were ladinos,
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Anyone with a hint of dark color, either being 25 either black has always been discriminated against. The skin color of African-Americans has exerted powerful and persistent influences on societal attitudes toward and treatment of Blacks, within both White and Black cultures. The hairstyles of African Americans were coiled curls which range from right to wavy.African Americans adopted the appearance of European styles. Their styles reflected their values. Both men and women wore white cloths on their heads, which was in working style.Women tend to wear large hoop …show more content…
One side would provide aid for the poor who have lived without governmental help. Throughout the 1970s and early ’80s, blacks made steady gains in academic achievements, greatly increasing the size of the black middle class. In the late ’80s, it became increasingly difficult to sustain earlier gains, and in some instances, small reverses occurred. In 1980, 9.2 percent of all blacks were enrolled in college; by 1990, only 8.9 percent were enrolled. During the 1970s black mayors were elected in Cleveland, Ohio; Gary, Ind.; Newark, N.J.; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, Ga.; New Orleans, La.; Los Angeles; and other U.S. cities. The 1980s brought the election of black mayors in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, and other cities throughout the country; the total number of black mayors was 318 in late 1990, the same year that Democrat L. Douglas Wilder took office as governor of Virginia.When the 111th Congress convened in January 2009, it had 41 African-Americans, all House members, and all Democrats.
African American have share lots of their cultures with Americans, from language, to music, to dance, and literature. African American music is polyrhythmic and contains many elements such as call and response ( interactions between the speaker and listener), improvisions and blues notes. Dancing was an everyday tradition whether for the special occasion or not. Some owners bought slaves of different language languages to discourage

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