The Intellectual And Institutional Development Of African American

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The answer for the first question from Robert Harris Jr. describe in the “intellectual and institutional development of African American” in four stages. Page 15 to the end of the first chapter. First stage describe the early black literary from 1890 to WWII, where several documentations and examination of black history and culture developed as the work of William Edward Burghardt. Second stage from WWII to Civil Rights. It was mainly white sociological analysis, and it been considered a disappointing period that started with Myrdal narrowed research to the social, political, and economical aspects at the time of black suburbanization and migration to the north. Third stage from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties within universities was inspired by the civil right movement to start an academic change and begin an error of black influence. Fourth stage stared in the eighties to date, represent the true practice and the academic implementation in all universities which give answers to why study black studies and how to teach it as Robert Harris Jr. describe “African studies will continue to vary from college to college. Ultimately, however, there is a need to greater clarification and understanding through more dialog about its specific function on various campuses”.

Define the following terms: Eurocentric, Ethnocentric, Afrocentricity, Cultural Pluralism, Karenga’s Kawaida Theory, and Black Consciousness. To develop your answer please refer to specific readings that

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