The Africana Studies: A Career Of Black Studies

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Until recently, I have not given much thought into what career I wanted to pursue when I go to college. I was given a set of questions that asked what accomplishments I wanted to fulfill and what jobs I would consider doing. As I wrote down my responses it was clear to me that I have a passion involving my culture and the history behind it. I soon discovered that there was a career specifically designed for what I was interested in and I wanted to learn more about it. For my paper I decided to research an Africana professor as my career.
The Africana studies is a class or a program (depending on if you want to major or minor in that study) that can be taken at many universities across the United States with the intent on teaching about the culture, history, political aspect, and diaspora of the African and African-American people. The class cultivated mainly at historical black colleges, and was informally known as “Black Studies”. The class soon was recognized in its excellence and developed even more through the help of the National Council for Black Studies:
NCBS was established in 1975 by African American scholars who recognized the need to formalize the study of the African World experience, as well as expand and strengthen academic units and community programs devoted to this endeavor. NCBS
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Naviance predicts that over the next ten years there will be a significant increase of job opportunities in that field. This increase will continue since the need for education is a constant factor in Cincinnati (and in the rest of the country) because of an increased number of young adults and returning adults going to college, and even more foreign students. In four years there will be approximately sixty-three thousand job openings for the education, training, and library careers. All of these aspects of the economy are factors that show the availability of careers in that

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