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  • African-Americans In Sports

    are today and set the stage for the current decision of African American football players leaving school early. Going further into the numbers behind this mindset reveals the underlying social variables. African-Americans have a statistical advantage when it comes to making the professional leagues; 1 in 3,500 black males turns professional compared to 1 in 10,000 white men who become a professional in sports. On top of that, 66% of African-American men between the age of 13 and 18 believe they…

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  • African American Clubwomen

    With the end of slavery, newly freed African Americans established brand-new identities for themselves. From behaviors that were considered respectable for the time, to rejecting all social norms, each black person sought to define him or herself in a way of his or her choosing. Black women, in particular, took on a range of identifications. How each woman choose to define herself, and the reasons behind her definition varied. Black Women who belonged to clubs, such as the National Association…

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  • The African-American Revolution

    The history of the African American liberation in the United States has been defined by the efforts of the collective. Within that collective, individuals utilized their own personal gifts, passions, and crafts to give voice to the African-American community and take a stand against the systematic oppression black people were subjected to. Of these efforts, various forms of art were, and have been, extremely instrumental in the fight for civil rights in the United States. The multitude of poets,…

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  • African American Education

    tools to have in today’s society, especially because of what it has taken for African-Americans to have the right to attend school or even learn how to read and write for that matter. Many persons sacrificed their lives for those who are able to go to integrated schools today and be given the same opportunities as any other student regardless of skin color. Being able to achieve a higher education is a great deal for African-Americans. Black men and women coming together to get a decent…

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  • African American Entertainment

    the American culture, different races find favor in different forms of entertainment and this defines how people live in the society. Many young African Americans prefer rap music especially when the singer is black. In the United States where there is a large settlement of the African Americans like in Texas, it is common to find a group of young African Americans listening and enjoying music from their fellow black Americans. The Whites on the other hand, prefer certain types of music which in…

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  • African American Psychology

    What is African American psychology? African American psychology is defined as “the body of knowledge that is concerned with the understanding of African American life and culture. African American psychology recognizes the commonality of experiences of African people throughout the world” (Fairchild, pg. 93). There are two perspectives in which African American psychology can be presented. The first way in which the reaction of African American psychology to racist attacks on black people by…

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  • African American Discrimination

    Discrimination Toward African Americans African Americans have always been subjected to inequality and discrimination since the seventeenth century. Between the early seventeenth century and eighteenth century, slavery had been fairly common. As a result, many people never treated African Americans fairly because people often identified African Americans as slaves, regardless if they were free or not. By the end of the eighteenth century, slavery was beginning to be abolished, but only in the…

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  • African Art Features

    Art of the African people have been attracted by connoisseurs from all over the world because of their originality and dissimilarity to the usual Western art. Africa art has an undoubted advantage because of their unusual understanding of the reality of the image. Art of Africa covers several historical periods and provides a single historical type, characterized by integrity stylistic features that have little changes in centuries. African Art includes creation by many different cultures that…

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  • African American Sociology

    government. African Americans generally, persons living in the western hemisphere who are descendants of Africans, especially black Africans. Ethnicity is defined as a shared culture, which may include heritage, language, religion, and more. No ethnicity group came into this country without fighting for their place in society, but the longest fighting group was done by African Americans from 1620 to 1960s. Although slavery was abolished in 1865, the Civil Rights Movement ended it all. African…

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  • West African Epic

    the supernatural in the African epic Doctor Mariam Deme conducted a research study analyzing five popular African epics. Dr. Deme saw a lack of information and understanding of African story’s that often received harsh criticism and disrespect by western culture. Dr. Deme finds in her research that, “the major characteristics of an African epic is the belief and reliance in on the supernatural and the marvelous” (Deme 2004) The significance of the supernatural in these African epics contains the…

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