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  • African American Achievement

    African Americans and academic achievement African Americans have been continually struggling academically for many years and this is not only affecting them individually but it is affecting the whole racial group.Today African americans face many racism, unfair judment and cycle of poverty and in order for them to fight thsese they need education and skills. Sadly their performance in education are much lower compared to other races. If education is the way for African Americans to end the…

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  • Characteristics Of African Diaspora

    theorize what African Diaspora is. The authors tackle the question of race and racism, what characteristic makes someone part of the African Diaspora, the importance of the idea of a homeland, and finally the nature of dispersal. Throughout the readings we are given many points of view. Combing every section of this course this information has impacted the way I view certain communities. For example, we cannot just assume that everyone’s story is the same or that “blackness” and “African” mean…

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  • African Americans Abolishment

    abolishment of slavery and the freedom of African Americans during this era, segregation, political marginality, degraded educational opportunities and religion shaped their lives. (p. 184). Freedom was their new promise and it meant no more chains, lashes, or exploitation; unfortunately, blacks were met with new requisitions. In the African-American Odyssey stated that most white Americans did not suddenly abandon 250 years of deeply ingrained beliefs that people of African decent were their…

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  • African American Ignorance

    Often in today’s society, African Americans are stereotyped as “ignorant.” However, this stereotype needs to be clarified as the standard definition of ignorant can be misleading. According to Merriam-Webster’s definition, ignorant is defined as a lack of knowledge, understanding, awareness, or education. Following this definition, it is implied that African Americans are only missing particular pieces of information. This however is not the true context of the stereotype. Instead, when an…

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  • African American Stigma

    misconception in America that African Americans can not fall victim to mental disorders, and the fallacy needs to be taken down. The misconception needs to be broken so that African Americans can feel comfortable enough to express their issues without being judged or even silenced. There are many odds against minority groups in the United States. However, there seems to be a certain negative stigma towards African Americans. This negative stigma creates a double standard for African Americans in…

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  • Unemployment Of African-Americans

    African-Americans are considered the poorest group of people in United States, as we saw in the Poverty, Class and Race chapter that they are among the poorest people. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown a decrease in unemployment both nationwide and in Ohio, but the rate of unemployment for African American people is almost twice when compared to that of whites. This difference in the rates has been going for the last 50 years and it is still a big problem for the nation. According to the…

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  • African American Transgressions

    of the bitter American Public, and today’s modern African American citizens are still not immune to the microaggressions that remain through stereotypes and internalized racism. Throughout the whole of American history, black Americans…

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  • African American Theatre

    Many types of theatre, including African American, Latino, and Feminist Theatre, originated during the civil rights movement. Each group felt as if the original form of theatre was not diverse and that their own cultures and beliefs were being excluded from the productions. Because of this, they each decided to form their own theatre regarding the lives and difficulties they faced. One of the main goals of the American Negro Theatre was to accurately depict African Americans lives and the…

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  • African American Suburbanization

    Places of their own: African-American Suburbanization by Andrew Wiese examines the forces behind the suburbanization of Black Americans in the 20th century and the challenges they faced in doing so. The author emphasized the importance of black suburbanization for the growth of the 20th century the United States. Establishment of suburbs was critical to the study of Black Americans in the United States. The emergence of suburbs was a representative of the new generation of black American, who…

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  • South African Religion

    the early 20th century. It is interesting how land is broken up and distributed. For example, the country of Lesthoto is landlocked in the middle of South Africa. Now why a country would be sitting inside another? I would guess that the tribal or African group that makes up that area are in a location that the Europeans had no desire to acquire because of no water resources or rough terrain and therefore, left the land to the local group. The Europeans wanted the best pieces of land with natural…

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