West African Epic

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Deme, M. K. (2004). The role and function of the supernatural in the African epic
Doctor Mariam Deme conducted a research study analyzing five popular African epics. Dr. Deme saw a lack of information and understanding of African story’s that often received harsh criticism and disrespect by western culture. Dr. Deme finds in her research that, “the major characteristics of an African epic is the belief and reliance in on the supernatural and the marvelous” (Deme 2004) The significance of the supernatural in these African epics contains the essential element of African heritage. Dr. Deme says these elements of African heritage are fully only appreciated by individuals who have background of these society that produce these heroic tales. (Deme
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Dr. Anciet has spent several years studying ancient West African religion origins and how it is lived out. West African religion is based upon several Gods rather than one. African mythology is based on the supernatural beings who influence human life. Spirits and ancestors also play a large role in West African mythology. African mythology believes the spirits are around and present throughout the earth. The trees, animal or any creation can be identified as a form of higher power and spirit in West African mythology. This research was conducted by Dr. Muyingi Mbangu Anicet director of the department of Theology at North West University. Dr. Anicet has dedicated years of her life to researching theology and has received rewards at the North West University for his success. This source provides background information to understanding the roots to West African mythology which will provide guidance to me when correlating the use of animals in a spiritual aspect for my research …show more content…
The three authors look into the meaning and symbolism behind African animal. Africa is a land that thrives in wild animals! This study used the observation of African culture, tribes, tradition and literature to evaluate the significant role wild animal’s play in the African culture. Animals are used to symbolism various characteristics of a person. Many tribes use an animal as the tribal name to associate themselves with the strength and honor of a lion. The lion is the head of the animals and a leader of other animals. Animals are also used in literature to define characteristics and tell the store. It is typical to find the use of animal characteristics in African literature due to the roots these animals hold in their culture. All three authors developed the study over several years bringing into account the history, cultural and religious aspects animals play in the African animal kingdom. This source will be useful to me to study and understand the spiritual and ritual aspect that the animal’s characters play in Sunjata a West African

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