Essay On African Colonization

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The continent of Africa is well known for its history of slavery and mistreatment to the inhabitants there. Africa remained controlled by European nations well into the 20th century. Some of the stronger African societies tried to enforce resistant on the European colonization; however, virtually all of Africa was colonized. One of the main reasons for the impeding of Africa was because of the problems that were occurring in European nations. The only way to make the problems better was to colonize. Even though Africa tried to put up a fight against European colonization, they were unsuccessful; however, by the 1960s, Africa was able to gain Independence from most of the European nations.
Since the intrusion of European nations caused chances
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Great Britain was one of the most powerful nations and can be viewed taking over many territories. India was under British rule and as Bal Cangadhar Tilak wrote “One fact that this alien government has ruined the country” (qtd. in Bal 56-65). Therefore, Africa cannot be viewed as cowardice because they ended up losing. Africa should be recognized for their bravery in defending their home country.
Africa’s reaction to the colonization of European nations was very successful when viewed by the 21st century because they acquired their independence. Africans stayed strong throughout the colonization period and with the words of Kwame Nkrumah, “A union of African states will project more effectively the African personality. It will command more respect from a world…” (qtd. in Kwame x-xii). Therefore, with unity a group of people or a nation can overcome any dispute no matter the size.
Africa faced many difficulties during the 19th and 20th centuries; however, with the unity they were able to gain their independence. Africa faced many European nations and was unsuccessful in fending off the colonization of the continent. However, in the 1960s, the independence that Africa gained from the European nations makes their actions very successful in the eyes of the

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