European Colonization In Africa

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Africans were so successfully enslaved because they lacked a united African nation, they were not prepared for the militant power the Europeans possessed, and the Africans were guilty of selling each other into slavery as well. According to Dr. Emma Poulter, “The basis of the relationship between Europeans and coastal Africans was purely one of commercial interest.” there was no moral forethought before these exchanges. To keep the enslavement of Africans profitable for Europeans in the New World, they had to establish an institution that worked against black people to keep them oppressed. Evidence of these action can be seen in the Maryland Doctrine of 1638 and the consequences of Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676. The institution put in place was race based and would leave Black people politically, economically, and socially devastated for generations to come. Civilization in Africa was based on a communalistic society, which is the principle of living together and sharing possessions and …show more content…
The effective enslavement of Africans by Europeans was due to the lack of a united African nation. There is a false preconception that the European imperialists had no help in garnering such a high quantity of Africans to use for cheap labor. Their mission would not be the success that it was without the help of Africans who sold each other into slavery. Europeans took advantage of the isolated tribes that were spread all across sub-saharan Africa. The idea of divide and conquer was partly accomplished before their ships had even reached the African coasts. Once Africans had reached their new fate in the British colonies keeping them enslaved was as easy as abducting them from their homeland. According to Henry Louis Gates, only about 388,000 Africans were shipped directly to North America. If they ran away they would either get lost or die because they did not know the

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