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  • Differences Between Achilles And Mycenaeans In The Iliad

    Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad, speaks about the great deeds of the Mycenaeans in the Trojan War. More specifically, it is about Achilles’ conflict with Agamemnon. The Greeks claimed to be heralded from Mycenaeans; this is definitely true. Mycenaeans were the earliest Greek-speaking peoples in the region, as opposed to the Minoans of Crete, and the civilizations from the Cyclades speaking their own languages. Homer was born into the Dark Age of Greece, a few hundred years after the bronze age…

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  • The Virtue Of Achilles Justice In Homer's Odyssey

    The unjust act of taking Briseis from Achilles alienates the greatest Achaean warrior from his fellow Achaeans and causes him to pull out of the war. As the Trojans triumph repeatedly, Agamemnon seeks to correct his wrongdoing by sending an embassy to Achilles with a goal of persuading Achilles to return to the battle. G. Mitchell Reyes states that there are “four dominant sources of appeal: honor, material, power, and justice” (23). While Achilles does value honor, material, and power; to…

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  • How Does Achilles Change In The Iliad

    beginning of Homer's the Iliad, Achilles is depicted as vindictive, prideful, and trifling. As the book advances, the picture of Achilles as a resentful youngster is improved significantly. Towards the end of the epic, Achilles displays qualities that are viewed as courageous even in today's time. When his reliable and trusted companion Patroclus passes on, Achilles experiences an extreme change in character. When he goes up against the genuine repulsiveness of death, Achilles sets aside his…

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  • Achilles 'Tragic Hero In Homer's Iliad'

    pride. Achilles stands up for himself because of the disrespect of Agamemnon. Achilles has a chance to honor himself after his death, however, he refuses Hector’s offer, in order to honor Patroclus. The refusal could have led to a dishonor of Achilles’ body, if Hector would have won. Readers experience the wrath of the warrior. Readers notice a sense of complexity when proud Achilles’ must honor Patroclus, at whatever cost. However, he has tenderness when Priam retrieves his son. Achilles is…

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  • Similarities And Similarities Between Achilles And Odysseus

    Achilles in all his “rage” and Odysseus “the man of twists and turns” are two epic heroes that seem incomparable; although, they do have their differences the two are rather similar. (Iliad pg. 77, ln. 1) (The Odyssey pg. 77, ln. 1) When comparing Achilles and Odysseus it is easy to assume that these two are radically different with only one similarity, they are both men. Despite the one obvious similarity, Achilles and Odysseus and strikingly similar; the same can be said about the two’s…

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  • Achilles Notion Of Heroism In The Iliad By Homer

    “Leaving his friends in haste, Akhilleus [Achilles] wept, / and sat apart by the grey wave, scanning the endless sea. / Often he spread his hands in prayer to his mother:” When the readers first meet Achilles, he is in the midst of a situation which called for someone to step up and be a leader, or act like a hero. The situation does not turn out the way Achilles would have liked, and he responds in a less than heroic manner, weeping and essentially calling his mother. This was the first…

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  • The Shield Of Achilles In Homer's The Iliad

    wish for peace on earth and good will to all men; or would they rather forcefully take away from others and crown themselves a king in their own right? Homer presents a fantastic abstract on this subject through an artistic medium, the shield of Achilles, in book 18 of The Iliad. He creates a prognostication; depicting an entire world and the activities of its inhabitants. This predicted evolution contemplates the future of how justice and revenge, along with martial and civil code, will be…

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  • The Hero Cycle Of Achilles From The Iliad And Superman

    Achilles from the Iliad and Superman from DC Comics both are heroes who go through Josephs Campbell’s hero cycle. Achilles was a powerful Greek Soldier and one of the reasons Troy was conquered. He went through the heroic cycle and changed a lot emotionally as well. Superman is a modern day hero, who has super human abilities. He also fits into the heroic cycle in several different story lines. The hero usually has strange circumstances around their birth. When Achilles was a child his mother,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Achilles And John F Kennedy

    for immortality but yet as they both have a great weakness it retains them from receiving this until death. As the two men Achilles and John F Kennedy neared to their death the two men did not die of natural causes, but by the hands of another human. Achilles and John F Kennedy both strive for immortality, have leadership skills, and both are nearing too their death. Achilles and John F Kennedy both showed numerous leadership skills, therefore one would more than likely consider them as hero’s.…

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  • Tale Of Achilles And Petr Movie Analysis

    During my initial research on Greek legends, I was most interested in the tale of Achilles and Patroclus, which lead me to the myth of Ianthe and Iphis. Theirs a tale is a familiar one now, after the advent of studies in Queer Theory in the last couple of decades. But before that it remained a tale of how a woman is turned into a man so that they could marry the woman they loved. The myth follows a couple Ligdus and Telethusa, who were expecting a child. Ligdus was a farmer and wanted a son…

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