Epic Hero Characteristics Of Achilles

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The Epic Hero Achilles Son of Peleus and Thetis was the future talented hero named Achilles. Hector was the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba. These two heroes Achilles of Greece and Hector of Troy became great warriors and were admired by almost everyone in their region. Both of them have epic hero characteristics, however Achilles is a greater epic hero because he is glorified by the Greeks, he has superior fighting skills compared to the average warrior, he is also a responsible leader. One of Achilles’ most important traits would his superior fighting skills. Achilles demonstrates this tremendously in the movie Troy when he gets off the boat and lands on the beach. He immediately starts slaying away the Trojans and gives the Greeks the advantage by the time they arrive in the shore. Without Achilles the Greeks would have a harder time pushing the Trojans into retreat. In the movie he comes across Hector and his …show more content…
The best example of this is displayed once again in the move Troy by when he first appears in the movie, the young boy praised him when he talked to him. He is also glorified by the solders in battle. They all praise him for his superior skills that he possesses and honor him when he fights with the Greeks. They see Achilles as an immortal and makes the Greeks feel safer when they are around him. Strong warriors work hard so that they can be remembered as a legend and their name can be told for centuries to come. Achilles succeeded in his quest to be a great hero. Hector may also be a great and brave warrior but has not shown his characteristics as Achilles. In conclusion, Achilles seems to have to a better example of a warrior in the Trojan War who is glorified by the Greeks, has superior or superhuman combat skills, and is a responsible leader. Achilles lives to fight in battle and can make a great difference when he in the

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