Compare And Contrast Achilles And Christopher Reeves

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When comparing Achilles and Christopher Reeves they both have many things in common. Achilles is a brave almost unstoppable warrior still the public sees him as a “god” because of how he fights and how great of a warrior he is. The public views Christopher Reeve as the personification of superman as an unstoppable superhero when he has many human weaknesses. Both Achilles and Christopher have human weaknesses and are both able to be killed or be injured. Achilles has the Achilles heel and Christopher Reeve has the horseback riding accident. Achilles and Christopher Reeves lives were alike because they both have human weaknesses. Christopher Reeves fell off a horse back while riding it and broke his neck and was not able to breathe without a machine to help him. Achilles was shot in the heel with an arrow and it was his only human like weak spot. Achilles and Christopher Reeves seemed indestructible, but they were only human and had human weaknesses. Achilles was a villain, and a hero to some people. Christopher Reeves personification of superman was a hero to everyone and was not a villain. Christopher Reeves and Achilles were both leaders and both heroes to their people. Christopher Reeves was a good guy the whole time, but …show more content…
Achilles is not so much of a hero to the people of Troy he is a villain. Christopher Reeves personification as a superhuman is a hero to his city and he has villains that fight against him. Christopher Reeves and Achilles are both heroes to their people and both want to fight for something. Achilles at the beginning does not like his king and is only a warrior because he is a good at being a warrior. Christopher Reeves personification as a superhuman, he fights to protect his city and the people in it. They both are superhuman, Achilles is a demi-god and Christopher Reeves personification he is a superhuman hero, but they both have human weaknesses and are able to be

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